What Would Spongebob Do? WWSD?

What would Spongebob do (WWSD) if he found a fan remix of one of his ditties on YouTube? He’d rejoice. But Mr. Crabs? Probably send YouTube a DCMA “take-down” letter. It’s happened before with my homage to Cartoon Network’s Finn & Jake’s beloved “Treetrunks.”

Nonetheless, here’s my remix of the lovely “Musical Doodle” earworm from a recent episode that doesn’t appear to be available online. Certainly Nickelodeon may object, but I can’t find the full episode on Nick.com (just this snippet I used to remix this video).

And the problem with the Nick.com snippet is that I don’t want the comedic tension with Mr. Crabs and Squidward “busting the buzz.” I just want unbridled Spongebob singing like he hasn’t sung since the F.U.N. song. Weeee! Sure I could keep this clip to myself, but again… what would Spongebob do? He’d share it with the world!

Of course my remix has advertisements turned off (I don’t have it “monetized”). So while I’d contend I’m safe within the “spirit” of copyright law (promoting/celebrating the show and the episode, not cannibalizing Nick revenue or using it for commercial gains), the letter of the law says this is a no-no.

Do you suppose Nick’s reaction will be more Patrick (ah, have a go!) or Plankton (must steal crabby patty formula!)? If you see my responseofnalts account vanish, you’ll know… In the meantime, “listen again it takes you far away… trying to stop it is futile… do do do do do do do do doooo do.”

YouTube’s New Blog & Video Site for Video Creators

YouTube began in 2005 with a focus on community, but in recent years has logically put most of its energy into luring more viewers with frequency, becoming profitable, and attracting professional content and ads. So it’s refreshing to see the birth of “Creators’ Corner,” with has both a blog and a spot on YouTube.

WillVideoForFood was, as the name implies, designed to help starving video creators improve and commercialize their work. But it’s written by a marketer (me), so it leans to the business and marketing side of the equation… leaving production and creative tips to more inspired websites and people. I consider myself creative, but not inspired enough to help others enrich their own creativity.

So along comes this blog and website by YouTube. I like the weekend challenge notion, which was something Revver did in its heyday. You can learn to do a product review or be inspired to make one of 9 easy video projects (some serious points for excerpting Julia Nunes to encourage you to sing).

I’m adding it to my malnourished blogroll, and hope they’ll point back.

Beyond the cat videos, viral hits, and popularity contests, there are throngs of isolated people with wonderful talent that deserves to be shared. And YouTube is now not just the amateur’s platform, but an onramp to the stage.

NBC’s Ann Curry Joins ImprovEverywhere Prankers in “I Love Lunch” Musical

Ann Curry joined in a “spontaneous” musical about lunch at Trump Tower, and the ImprovEverywhere team worked with NBC to capture the fantastic moment in “I Love Lunch! The Musical.”  Watch the Today Show coverage of the event and see some fantastic photos by visiting ImprovEverywhere.com.

The bit borrows heavily from my favorite ImprovEverywhere clip “Food Court Musical,” but gives me goosebumps anyway. Charlie Todd’s mission is to to bring people a fun, harmless, interesting moment. And their reactions bring a wonderful richness to the experience. 5 of the largest stars possible.

I met Todd last year, and have remained puzzled why this format couldn’t substantiate an incredible 30-minute television show. It’s simply brilliant.

You may also like the Grocery Store Musical. “They turned life into a musical,” says a bystander. Could we ask for more?

Eat Your Heart Out, I Made “Internet People 2”

Editorial update: See this site for more information. Thanks, Travis!

Nalts Cartoon internet people brentalfloss

Oh yeahhhh… Nalts ranking it up with some seriously online killers. Thanks Brentalfloss! Feeling cool! Here’s the Internet People original, which will remind you of some classics (most of which you’ll hear about again from your mom soon since she discovered Facebook).

Oh- and then there’s this version (the angrier Nalts), which incorporates some of the live images. See Spintown7 for this video.

Nalts cartoon spintown7

Napkin Musical Prank Punks Entire Food Court

Improv Everywhere Food Court MusicalThe folks at Improv Everywhere have done it again. This one gave me goose bumps. A spontanious musical number has an entire food court baffled. When security arrives, things get even more interesting.

I give you “Food Court Musical.”

Seriously. Does anyone know these people? I’ve been trying to get into the secret mailing list FOREVER. Guys, Improv Everywhere folks. I’ve done Farting in Public. Mall Pranks. Chicken Pranks. Mother’s Day Prank. Ice Cream Prank. Mad Turkey. Prank the Garbage Man.

Let me in. I can work in an ensemble. I can get to NYC on short notice. I have no shame.

NOTE: I heard from Charlie Todd last night, and joined the Improv Everywhere Ning. Fingers crossed!