I’m Glenda the Good Witch of Video

nalts is glendaI laugh at videos daily, but rarely due blogs make me chuckle. But in this SocialTNT blog post, Chris Apollo Lynn depicts TechCrunch contributor Dan Ackerman Greenberg as The Wicked Witch of the West, while I get the Glenda The Good Witch photo. I kinda liked my nickname for Greenberg, who revealed some of his borderline unethical techniques to drive views for clients. I called him “Viral Video Villain” and even parked the domain for him: www.viralvideovillain.com. But The Wicked Witch is more clever.

It’s not the first time I’ve been accused of wearing a dress, but this marks the first time I’ve been likened to Glenda. My wife (wifeofnalts), by the way, does a pretty good impersonation of Glenda and Dorothy.

I admit I didn’t expect much from this blog post when I noticed the cloud tag had “public relations 2.0” in a giant font. Unfortunately it seems that (Rubel as an exception) PR folks talking about online-video and innovative marketing is like listening to my son Charlie quote Shakespeare. But this piece, “Please Standby: Rethinking Online Video Strategy,” is pretty tight. Provides nice context into the evolution of online video, the recent debates around it, and some good tips for folks looking to engage.

14 Replies to “I’m Glenda the Good Witch of Video”

  1. Hey Nalts:

    Thanks for the linklove! I admit, traditional Marketing and PR can be a little stuffy. There are a few of us that are trying to change that 😉 Thanks for mapping out the changing video frontiers for us!

    Glad u weren’t offended by Glenda 🙂


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