“Secrets of Viral Video Marketing” at Yahoo! Conference

Your Uncle Nalts will be talking about viral video and marketing at the Yahoo! “Big Screen, Little Screen” event July 9 in Toronto, Canada. My topic is “The Secrets of Viral Video Marketing.” The funny part is that I was a late edition because Dan Ackerman Greenberg couldn’t make it.

Seriously. I couldn’t make something like that up. In case you don’t recognize the name, he’s the guy who wrote the TechCrunch article about how marketers can “game” YouTube with fake thumbnails, fake comments, et cetera. This blog called him the Wicked Witch of the West to my Glenda the Good Witch, and that’s something you don’t soon forget.

Dan- do you want me to renew the URL I parked (www.viralvideovillain.com) pointing to your LinkedIn page?

P.S. Y’all like the new masthead designed by The Most Excellent Gage Skidmore? He’s with Cosmic Flight.


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  1. Wow. You’re the fill-in for that douchebag? Those folks over at yahoo must be real class acts.

    What prank do you plan on pulling over there? You’ve got a whole 8 days to come up with something.

  2. P.S. As a resident of Texas for 10 years who at one time had a bona fide southern accent, I have always thought that “y’all” was a very efficient use of the English language. Took me a long time to stop saying it when I moved up here and I sometimes still say it because it sounds so much better than “you guys”. Or “youse guys”.

  3. P.S.S. I have two problems with the new masthead. First, that’s a terrible picture of you. I’ve seen hundreds of shots of you that are much better than that one. Second, the camera in the masthead is far superior to any camera you’ve ever used. Truth in advertising, buddy. Use a picture of your real camera. Third, what is there a sandwich in there? At most, it should be a piece of cheese.

    Okay that was three. Sorry. No more posts from me on this blog entry.

  4. I lied. In my P.S.S. post I meant to say “why” is there a sandwich in there, not “what”. This post is dedicated to Marilyn.

  5. Fortunately, sukatra, you corrected yourself before I had a chance to. I take it you are supremely bored tonight, judging by the number of your posts.

  6. Ooh ooh we will be in Toronto on July 11th — will you still be there? I would love to have a beer with you… Dale and I are starting a new Internet Marketing business and would love to pick your brain (you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose… I digress)
    And the new header is very cool — it made me giggle 🙂

  7. I presume you mean “late addition”. But there again…knowing how many drugs you take, maybe it was “late edition”? And Sukatra is right – that’s a shitty masthead. You look “smug” in that shot.

  8. Malcolm:
    If you spend any time at all on this blog, you’ll know that Kevin is not exactly a whiz at grammar, or much of a speller either.

    The spelling Nazi

  9. Hey, maybe Mike Abundo can write about the cheese phenomenon. He’s a real blogger, isn’t he?

  10. hey! my name’s marilyn too! cool lol.

    nalts…after you give away all the secrets to viral marketing, everyone’s gonna be doing it and then in 2 years they won’t work anymore 🙁 but that’s life i guess!

  11. Another Marilyn? I hardly ever run in to other Marilyns. It’s a pretty old-fashioned name. Everyone used to think I was named after Marilyn Monroe, which I was not. Named after a family friend. I was born on Valentine’s Day and the nurses wanted my mother to name me Valentina. Thank god she had more sense than that.

  12. Pingback: Prozac.

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