Sneak Preview: “How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent” (Free eBook)


On Friday I’m releasing a free eBook titled “How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent.” I won’t make any money for each copy downloaded, but I’ll make it up in volume.

Below is a draft that still needs some fine tuning, but I’d appreciate some feedback from some of you core WVFF readers. Here it is as a PDF (version 1.3, which includes some ofΒ  your edits on 01/03/08): How to Become Popular on YouTube Without Any Talent

If you’re a blogger, I know I can’t stop you from posting this, but it would be great if you could wait until the Friday (January 4). Unless you’re some big-ass blog like TechCrunch. Then you can do whatever the heck you want. The several days I spent on this would be time well spent if it resulted in an inbound link from a big ass blog (BAB). Up until now, TechCrunch hasΒ only given the black-hatted viral marketers a spotlight. πŸ˜‰

That said, I’m kinda hoping to “soft launch” it to the WillVideoForFood regulars before it’s officially released. I’m somewhat anxious about releasing something via pdf, and knowing I don’t have the ability to fix some horrible mistake that’s bound to be lurking within.


PS Here’s a synopsis of my forthcoming “The Prophet (Profit) of Online Video: Book synopsis,” which is being written to help marketers, agencies and creators capitalize on the growing field of online video.

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  1. A typo: Should read Table of Contents (not Table of Content)

    Simon Fuller is not Simon Cowell.

    I’ll keep reading and get back to you about the actual book.

    I noticed you put a copyright mark– you could go one better and put a “Creative Commons” license on this work, too. You can make it free for people to distribute but if they sell it, they are obligated to pay you. There are several CC licenses. Read one and pick your favorite at

    Your most humble, obedient servant,


  2. Holy SHIT… I read the WHOLE THING!!! What you don’t believe me? Go ahead… quiz me! (Oh look… a kitty!)

    You did a great job explaining YouTube. It is funny how people don’t seem to get it. For example… Oprah. I seemed to miss the chapter on how to find a pimp.

    Good job Kevin… I am off to make a long car vlog telling everyone about this. Oh wait… I don’t have a car. Ok… scratch that idea… I guess I will just go back to watching porn.

  3. This was great! Kev this can be a best seller if it is more than 32 pages. But even at the length it is amazing!!! Nice work.

    Very great explanation of not only youtube video making but all online video making in general.

    Best of luck!!!

  4. Numerous copy-editing things, I’d run it through a spell- and grammar-checker, at a minimum. But it was actually a lively read, even though I’ve heard most of it before. So THIS is where you’ve been hiding out.

  5. Okay you know you can expect to get a lot of comments from me, so I’ll start with the first thing I noticed.

    If you want to copyright this, maybe you should copyright it under your real name, not just kevin nalts, since in reality, the entity known as kevin nalts does not exist anywhere except for on youtube. I’m not a copyright lawyer, I’m just sayin’. Others may disagree. If they do, they can bite me.

  6. Okay, I just sent you an email. It’s just typos and rewriting a few sentences and shit. It’s definitely not a critique. This is because i follow you blindly and believe everything you say. I’m kinda funny that way.

  7. Kevin,

    Good read, people will gobble this up πŸ˜‰ As others have mentioned it is good to know what you have been up to. Today I had to post a “ Amber Alert: Where is Nalts” video.


    Thanks so much for the great content over the last nine months, your videos really got me hooked on the community.

  8. Wow, WillVideoForFood is an LLC now? Can I be Vice President of something?

    It was a good read Kevin. I think you tied together a lot of the ideas thrown around here well.

    If there’s any constructive criticism that I could have about you it’s that you’re so darn difficult to contact. I know I know, send the e-mail three times with all caps and bold in the subject line. Some of us are too lazy for that. πŸ™‚

  9. Matt, I don’t even try to contact him. I just wait for him to email me. Then, when he does (which is almost never), I run around screaming at the top of my lungs “nalts sent me an email!! nalts sent me an email!!” My cats hide under the bed and my kid starts crying, but I don’t care. Nalts sent me an email!!! Then I call all my friends and tell them “hey, guess what? Nalts sent me an email!!! Nalts sent me an email!!!”

    That’s the best way to get the really good drugs, although I usually have to spend at least one night in a straight jacket.

  10. I only just started reading, but noticed 2 mistakes. You thank Jo twice, in virtually identical language; once on page 5 and again on page 7. Also, on page 6, you left an “s” off of what should be a plural word, in the sentence:
    “These folks have been there through thick and thin diligently supporting me over these past two year.”

    I’ll give you more feedback when I’ve had time to read it all.

  11. Dear Kevin: I’ve been reading for quite some time, and particularly enjoyed your recent post on fake vlog wars with Michael Buckley. I work for a company that does nothing more than attempt to promote itself, and I would imagine this would be of some interest to your readers.

    Do you agree? Could I send you information about fallofautumndistro for the possibility of being mentioned in a future post?

    Kind regards, don’t tell me to eff off,

  12. hey Kev, where’s this bubblegumtree thing? the URL just redirects back here. I smell vaporware.

  13. Kevin:
    I just sent you a couple of emails regarding the book. They are just nit-picky editorial comments (misspellings, incorrect use of tense, etc.), so I didn’t want to post them all here.

    Loved the book, BTW.

    PS-Yeah, where is the bubblegumtree?

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