Hello! My 1000-plus videos are on many sites, but almost all are on YouTube: YouTube page. You can also see more on (my lil’ vanity site with some of my best videos, and links to other sites).

best of nalts dvdBuy “Best of Nalts: Volume 1” on DVD to see Nalts videos in mostly high definition without ads. You won’t buy them, but 3 people did.

Or watch ’em free here:

1. YouTube: Best of Nalts

2. YouTube Videos (all of them, by most recent).

3 Revver “Best o’ Nalts” collection (which contains some of his earlier work before he started getting popular and sucking).

4. Metacafe (where he hosts “Metacafe Unfiltered“)

5. On eFoof.

47 thoughts on “Videos!”

  1. me and my friend brianna love the nalts song,
    please make more videos just of the animated nalts.

    thank you,

    ~nalts lovers

  2. Nalts is an anagram of “salt” with an “L”. Do you know what else has an “L”? THE deviL! Thats right. I;m just passing the info, its up to you all to read between the lines.

  3. Nalts, nalts. it is not your fault.

    I have figured it out. N A L T S is an anagram. What does it really spell?

    SATLN. The dyslexic demon. You can run. You can’t hide.

  4. phart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(fart)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. nalts, your lucky you didnt get charged with animal abuse to the hamster. that was mean how spencer dragged him with the leash thing!

  6. NO One Notices Im A Girl Whos Only Ten And Loves Comidey….. LoL Its Easy to notice…. I Spelt Comedy wrong…….. And Peace! REMEMBER THE U.S.A IS FRIENDS WITH CANADA! I think…….

  7. yo dude nalts is hot lol da best i b chilln on u tube and watch n al da time pretty sxy baby peace homie -kate<3 ya

  8. i live in malaysia and u can imagine that it is quite tricky for me to see all the new episodes. can u help a fellow fan out and pass them the link to the best site that hosts the office videos. i live out of the USA so i cant use

  9. spencer is by far one of the funniest kids i’ve ever seen!!!!

    you have to mke more vids of him!!!!

    he sorta reminds me of Andy Milonocis

    haha anyways he’s reat and i need more vids!!!

  10. I was wondering how much one could make by going this route. I have a great idea and if it is worth the work i will pursue.
    Thanks for your time

  11. I got sucked into coming to this site by your viddy showing you and a small boy rating the best ads of Super Bowl 2009. That viddy indicated that I could see the actual ads by coming to ‘will video for’. I’m not seeing the ads, but it may be my fault for not understanding the site / the web.
    In any case, you can count on my not returning to this site.

  12. Without a doubt this will make you laugh! I posted this video on the Tosh.0 community. Please help me get this going! You can also check it out on my YouTube channel. video done with vid rhythm.

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