What Would Spongebob Do? WWSD?

What would Spongebob do (WWSD) if he found a fan remix of one of his ditties on YouTube? He’d rejoice. But Mr. Crabs? Probably send YouTube a DCMA “take-down” letter. It’s happened before with my homage to Cartoon Network’s Finn & Jake’s beloved “Treetrunks.”

Nonetheless, here’s my remix of the lovely “Musical Doodle” earworm from a recent episode that doesn’t appear to be available online. Certainly Nickelodeon may object, but I can’t find the full episode on Nick.com (just this snippet I used to remix this video).

And the problem with the Nick.com snippet is that I don’t want the comedic tension with Mr. Crabs and Squidward “busting the buzz.” I just want unbridled Spongebob singing like he hasn’t sung since the F.U.N. song. Weeee! Sure I could keep this clip to myself, but again… what would Spongebob do? He’d share it with the world!

Of course my remix has advertisements turned off (I don’t have it “monetized”). So while I’d contend I’m safe within the “spirit” of copyright law (promoting/celebrating the show and the episode, not cannibalizing Nick revenue or using it for commercial gains), the letter of the law says this is a no-no.

Do you suppose Nick’s reaction will be more Patrick (ah, have a go!) or Plankton (must steal crabby patty formula!)? If you see my responseofnalts account vanish, you’ll know… In the meantime, “listen again it takes you far away… trying to stop it is futile… do do do do do do do do doooo do.”

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  1. Curse you, Kevin! I just got Charlie’s recent song out of my head and now you’re trying to infect me with something else.

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