Staten Island Girls (Katie Perry’s California Girls Parody)

Thumbs up to these gals for their amateur but brilliant Katie Perry satire of California Girls. It’s “Staten Island Girls,” and deliciously skanky and humorous depiction of New Jersey.

Just 5 years ago these gals would have been able to share this with their friends, but now the whole world gets to giggle. Oh wait. Five years ago Katie Perry wasn’t a household name, and these girls were probably playing with Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

My favorite two moments? The gardner hiding his face (criminal record?) and the gas station guy getting caught staring at the booty.

8 Replies to “Staten Island Girls (Katie Perry’s California Girls Parody)”

  1. I think I learn most of my pop culture from parodies. (It’s always odd when I hear the original song that I know from a Weird Al parody).

    Before watching this I had no idea who Katie Perry was, but now I can guess she’s just another tween pop star.

  2. OMG friggin Katie Perry! She was at YouTube Live. Shortly before that my daughter told me about her. So I parodied a song the next day while eating an entire head of lettuce. Was that pre Stalkerofnalts? Has Stalker seen vintage nalts? Revver has some oldies that aren’t on the booby tube.

  3. I remember that eating lettuce song. That was a Katie Perry parody? Seen some of the old Revver stuff. The site is slow though.

  4. btw Staten Island is not part of New Jersey! it’s a spoof of Staten Island culture, not “skanky” new jersey. i guess the confusion has to do with the jersey shore reality show. btw, some of those cast members in that show were from staten island. the staten island girls referenced jersey boys in the vid–so maybe that’s where the confusion came from, but staten island really is the “5th borough of the city” as the girly sings in the beginning.

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