I’m So Stupid I Bought an iPhone4 (and love this parody)

I’m such a damned moron. I got swept away in the nauseating stench of iPhone hype and bought the damned thing. Mind you this happened a few years ago, but I returned it and dropped AT&T early enough to not pay the penalty (but only after making this parody).

But now I’m this chick below (see parody video). Defying all logic because I want to suck on the Apple/Mac nipple just a bit more.

Sure there are a few things I dig about the iPhone that don’t suck: being able to easily shoot, edit and upload videos is nice. Facetime is a damned joke, though. About as useful as the three used printers in my garage.

Yeah- I can’t say my life has improved a lot with this overpriced fashion accessory that has doomed me to AT&T’s shitty coverage (we cover 97% of Americans is the most misleading advertising statement of the decade). And now I’ve got a brand new used Palm Pre that’s probably got no resale value… not to mention some horrible cancellation penalty from Verizon that’s soon to arrive. And I kinda liked the little Palm Pre. The keyboard sucked after using Blackberry for a decade (how about those arrogant idiots sleeping through the smart phone revolution because they had business people hostage). The Palm Pre was always hot as a summer driveway, but it created a mobile wifi hotspot for my other devices and laptops. And it somehow seamlessly imported all of my contacts, which is something my iPhone can’t seem to manage. Plus I miss that mother-fing back swipe. And I think I bought 150 songs via Amazon that are lost inside this device, which is doomed to the drawer full of obsolete devices next to 2 Blackberrys. Also…. miss…. having…. calls… that… don’t… drop. But Verizon’s logo always bothered me.

10 Replies to “I’m So Stupid I Bought an iPhone4 (and love this parody)”

  1. What you need to do is to stop buying every little new gadget that comes along. And why go back to AT&T from Verizon?

    I say drop it like it’s hot and go back to your Palm Pre.

  2. BTW, I have a Droid Incredible and it definitely lives up to its name and it’s on Verizon.

  3. Marilyn is right; you gotta stop buying so many shiny new electronic toys if you hope to ever get out of debt.

    Speaking of new electronics, I just bought myself a fancy new camera (Panasonic HDC-TM700).

  4. I setup 3 of the HTC Evo 4Gs last week for one of our customers. Didn’t get to see how fast the 4G was, I guess the 4G network is still only in Philly, couldn’t get a 4G signal in Conshohocken. From the looks of it, Sprints 3G speeds are comparable to all the others. Setup was pretty easy though, and the guys that got them seem to like them so far.

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