Rumors of AppleTV Revamp. Hulu Charges. BestBuy May Fire Funnyman.

Rumors on NY Times of an AppleTV overhaul that may make it more than a “hobby” (a term Steve Jobs used to describe the somewhat limited device). I, for one, already love the AppleTV so I’m bound to be excited about a new version. Heck I’d chose my AppleTV above my iPhone4G… which continues to boast crappy connection (even when the bars show otherwise) and has underwhelmed me for consistently posting on YouTube without errors.

And Hulu starts a pay-for-content model, and Apple offers a free Hulu Plus app on the iPhone¬†(I’ll bet dozens sign up for it).

It’s like the online-video space found out I’ve just filed my book manuscript and want to see how quickly they can date it.

All we need now is for YouTube to launch a new television network.

Oh- and Best Buy continues to charm the online-video community, most recently scolding Brian Maupin. Turns out the former Best Buy employee is responsible for the hysterical video about the iPhone4G vs. Evo (you may have read about that one here last week).

AP is reporting Maupin, 25, said he was told Thursday he had a “choice to either quit or the HR people can decide what they want to do.” He said he would not quit and was told he could be fired over the matter.

Was probably told that by the nut job that called the cops on me.

Hey Brian (tinywatchproductions on YouTube)- unless you’re planning to keep your job or sue your employer, why not join me in a Geek Squad parody collaboration? Continue with videos as funny as the HTC Evo vs. iTunes video and you’ll earn far more from YouTube advertising than at Best Boob.

I used to love your employer until the Geek Squad ape when nuts on me, and Best Buy or Geek Squad never bothered to even acknowledge me.

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  1. “Was probably told that by the nut job that called the cops on me”


    I say let him be fired, he can file for unemployment and perhaps a law suit. You can’t tell someone what they are allowed to do with their time outside of work. Bad move by Best Buy.

    Shame, cause I did shop there, but something’s really gone wrong with their corporate culture. If you have people working for you so freaked out that they are calling the cops on the like of Nalts, hassling and threatening to fire a guy who makes a video outside work – not even about your company – something’s really rotting on the inside. In politics they called this hedging towards totalitarianism.

    btw duffyx did a thing

    I don’t know how well they will do.

    Not only are they going to charge, they are going to run the commercials too. That strikes me as a poor business model.

    They’re slick, but not that slick, and they still have competition; JustinTV and Joost a few other places and even some of the stuff they have is on You Tube and google

    Unless they have plans for some higher quality content my guess is they believe the public as a whole is pretty stupid.
    And in this economy? People are canceling their cable. Doesn’t make sense.

    Unless… they have a big insurance policy with AIG in case they fail.

  2. @4 not sure a law suit would be worth it – unless he got some PR out of the deal and could take it all the way up. He needs a sharp lawyer and an advocacy group.

    In a civil suit most he’d get is a years salary – he’s part time, so he probably makes no more than 10 buck an hour – puts in a 20 hour week – multiply that by 52 weeks – we’re talking pro bono.

    Once he’s fired though and starts collecting chachs he should really rip into best buy without using the words best buy.

    He’s got a knack for picking up the crazy that happens in tech retail, I bet he has a number of stories to tell.

    You Tube partner him up!

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