35 Replies to “YouTube Hottest Women Turn Off Channel Playlists”

  1. What’s really annoying is when NEWS channels have several videos at the top of the list of videos. That forces the user to look past these videos to find the newest videos. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that news is about stuff that’s new! As I recall, ABC news is guilty of this transgression!

  2. I don’t know, I think if someone is smart enough to know how to click on most viewed to look for most viewed videos from someone, they’re smart enough to click on the “Uploads” tab to find those options there still.

  3. I’m going to have to side against this one… I have a best of for each year I’ve been on YouTube and I have every video on a series playlist.

    It’s caused a lot of people to go into my archives that wouldn’t have and they tend to tinker around in my back catalogue because where “related videos” would normally be, the series playlist displays. It shows the videos that came out around the time of the one they are on now and it shows them in chronological order. I can say that it has definitely caused a lot of bouncing around in my older content – which I want. I want people seeing that old stuff as it shows how far I have come and shows them I am constantly evolving.

    I continuously feature my latest video on my channel, as well as keep a playlist that goes newest video first entitled “The Peter Coffin Video Series” at the top of the playlist window (for lack of a better word).

    It may sound confusing in explanation, but in practice it is quite simple and working out very well, as evidenced by a lot more engagement popping up on older videos.

  4. Playlists or not, what really pissed me off is the way videos automatically start playing on some people’s channel page. Then there is some random video playing while I’m trying to read the profile or glance over the top videos.

    The new theme is OK. The little avatars are cute (what do you guys think of mine?) but overall the layout is pretty plain and generic looking.

    I hope you Naltsify it up a bit. It just doesn’t feel the same without the banner declaring your propensity for blatant self-promotion. (Wait…the banner suddenly showed up again, and it’s a slightly different one I think. The color scheme just changed too. I like the colorful orange better.)

  5. Alexis- you can actually turn that annoying thing off. I did for a while. You know what- I’m going to fix that now…. turn that damned autoplay off.

  6. @6 Really? How do I make it so people’s videos don’t automatically play when I visit their channel page?

    I can’t figure out how to do it and I’ve tried looking at the YouTube help forums to no avail.

    I’m pretty sure the owner of the channel can disable the autoplay on his/her own page, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to override the schmucks who do want their videos to autoplay. (No offense intended to said schmucks…OK maybe just a little.)

    Does anybody know how to do this (or if it is even possible)?

  7. Thesis is powerful, Nalts, but you’ve only skimmed the surface. And like everyone has said the interface presented here today needs some work. Your banner appears to come after the header area, instead of within it (it should ideally appear between the navigation and subscribe button). You can also flip the navigation to appear beneath the header section (if that looks better). Perhaps change the background colo(u)r to something darker. Lose some of the borders that make Thesis at times look so boxy.

  8. @13 Phallic? How does it look phallic? Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter.

    With regards to the layout, the blog looks nice and spacious on my 24″ wide screen monitor but the two side columns (were there two before?) make it just a tad cramped when viewed on a small screen. Make of that what you will.

  9. I’ve been wondering about this myself, seeing how most people won’t take the time to figure stuff out if it isn’t apparent at first glance. And why should they? It’s the job of the designer to make things simple; this from a web designer.

  10. @17 I was rather fond of it, but maybe I’ll change it just for you. Stay tuned.

    @20 Meh. I don’t use Firefox that often (usually Google Chrome).

  11. I ended up doing the same thing with my playlists when I changed over to the new channel design. I keep hoping they’ll improve it, and make things more customizable and easier to use, but so far that’s been a total pipe dream.

  12. @Justine – Do the channel layouts really matter? You have significantly more traffic to your channel than most of us. I don’t see much of my views coming from my channel, mainly related videos. Does that change with a large sub base or brand? Are more people (percentage-wise) just headed straight to youtube.com/ijustine?

    @Zack – They definitely do count, as I got the video of that girl angry at my Twilight parody up to 2,200 views from featuring her video on my channel on autoplay. Which I may do again, I want her video to go viral. It’s hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyuJnwX8HhM

  13. I just noticed KevinNalts.com got a make over too.
    The FAQ page has no FAQs though and there seems to be some kind of error at the bottom of the main page:

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘../counter/count.php’ for inclusion…blah blah blah.

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