Bad Video News in Threes: Jumpcut is RIP. Revver Not Paying. Metacafe Cursed.

Online-video tombstones

  • Today Jumpcut sent messages to its users to alert them to the demise of Jumpcut. “Very soon, we’ll be releasing a software utility that will allow you to download the movies you created on Jumpcut to your computer. We’ll send instructions to the email address on your Jumpcut account when the download utility is available,” the company said.
  • Meanwhile, as reported by, has stopped paying its creators. Former founder and the most huggable guy in online video, Steven Starr, is busy with his film, “Flow: For Love of Water.”
  • And Metacafe? Well it’s just cursed.

But don’t panic. Neilsen reports that online-video usage is up (see pdf report)… YouTube, according to Neilsen, fetched 5.5 billion views in March (and some industry analysts claim that’s under reporting). The market is “sorting itself out.” Like any industry, we’ll have two or three major options, and the rest will vanish or, better yet, go niche.

At least we still have HuluTube. And Eefoof. And the Scottish lady from “Britain’s Got Talent” that’s all the rage for her Les Mis song.


8 Replies to “Bad Video News in Threes: Jumpcut is RIP. Revver Not Paying. Metacafe Cursed.”

  1. Yup, Metacafe definitely is cursed. Cursed with a terrible audience filled with haters, skeptics, penis-pump pushing spambots, and overall jackasses. I hope to never go back to that dump of a website, and not even for the videos with nudity. That’s probably the ONE thing it’s got on the other video sites.

  2. Revver owns me some denaro, and not Bob. I wonder if I’ll get it? and I was just about to upload something there too, now I won’t bother.

    So is it true, to get into the You Tube Partners Program now you need 100k subs? Anyone know? No payola kinda of ruins the incentive, perhaps it’s time to move on to Plan B.

    I just watched the hulu tube video- thanks for posting that. I remember that guy from the viacom blackout.

    After watching this my first thoughts on the way You Tube is planing its promotion is to squeeze everyone out in order to cut down on copyright violations law suits. They will see what Partners rise to the top and stay there then close the rest down, they’ll say thanks it’s been fun, but the costs and blah blah blah…. [rubs chin] (I bet DeFranco knows something…)

    Anyway, I don’t think they have much of a choice. Even now their front pages is riddled with copyright infringements they can’t seem to control.

    It’s a very smart business and legal move.

    Which comes down to the bottom line, rise above the mediocre and get tons of subscribers, make money for You Tube or organize and change the copyright laws in Congress for them. If users aren’t going to bother helping Google fight the good fight why should Google be more than a business? They have Al Gore and other Stock Holders to protect. GOOG 392.24 +3.50‎ (0.90%‎) Apr 17 4:00pm E.

    I predict within the next year You Tube will start to limit public uploads and or they might actually start charging people for the privilege to upload and watch.

    So the question is, who is willing to take on the headache GoogleYouTube no longer wants?

    [Stage left, door opens violently, a gust of wind sweeps through the room, the house begins to shake, on the table the curried leftovers for breakfast and wireless laptop fall to the floor, hot coffee spills directly onto the keyboard, it sparks, smokes and sizzles, the room darkens quickly, then a flash of light bursts through, everyone shields their eyes, it’s difficult to see, but the dwellers struggle. Suddenly, a large and very strange egg-like silhouette appears in front of the blinding light, it’s twitter, he speaks] “tweet.”

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