Fitness How-To Videos Don’t Work

The Viddler blog showcased this woman doing an exercise video. I watched the whole thing, and I don’t feel any healthier than when I started it. I even tried watching it with the sound off and some nice music playing. Nope- still feeling fat.

5 Replies to “Fitness How-To Videos Don’t Work”

  1. Heh. I’ll admit I haven’t used any of the tips in this video yet. My excuse is “I’m traveling”.

    I’m going to get active when I get home today though. Or maybe I’ll make a fool of myself at the airport.

    What’s your excuse for ‘just watching’ the video. 😉

  2. You need to do more than watch, Nalts. You actually have to leave the computer screen and get up and move. 🙂

    BTW, what did you think of “Fringe” the other night? I loved Walter’s line: “Remember when I told you that I’d be dead within the hour if I took that drug? Didn’t anybody happen to notice the time?”

  3. …you chose that video for her boobs. Admit it.

    I’m sure she chose that top to perhaps work a different set of muscles.

    Ya know.

    Like the male penis…those muscles.


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