Google Helped Me Find Myself

There I was. Frustrated this morning after forgetting how I converted some of my old Windows Movie files (from the 1990s) into to something I could edit in Mac iMovie and post to YouTube. I’m running through various options, experimenting with various free software, and running into brick walls. Hours pass.

Then I had this crazy last-resort idea (it’s too early to call CharlesTrippy).

I’d Google search “how to demux .mov on mac.” There on the first page was a nice post from a blog. The author had figured it out, and explained it patiently to me.

Turns out, though, t was my friggin’ post. On my blog. From last December.

Who needs a memory when you blog, and use Google?

I can just see me in about 20 years… Googling “when is my wife’s birthday? Or “who are these 25-year-old kids that keep asking me for money? Why am I locked in a room with a bunch of other YouTubers wearing a tight white sweater with the sleeves tied around my back? Where did I put my medicine? Where are my glasses”

Google can tell you where your glasses are.... on your head

14 Replies to “Google Helped Me Find Myself”

  1. Hahaha, this is twice as funny because I’m watching CharlesTrippy’s video’s right now. Way to go nalts =p

  2. That’s what children are for. Helping you find your glasses when you can’t remember where you put them. That and wiping your ass when you’re 80 and adult diapers have become your closest friend. You better be nice to those kids or when you’re 80 you’re going to be hobbling around with chronic diaper rash.

  3. can I have money and the keys to the car? You don’t need the glasses, here, open your mouth and I’ll toss these in, oh, and let me tighten that white strap for you.

  4. I can go a step farther. I recently googled something for a church video I’m doing, and one of the top results listed was a message board post that caught my eye. It was a pretty good post, but I disagreed with some of the opinions the author made.

    About the time I was going to register and PM the poster, I realized a few things:

    -The post was made in 2001

    -It was made by a username I was using in 2001

    -I was, in fact, that user.

    It’s been a really long Monday!

  5. You are so lame Nalts. You can’t remember what you wrote less than 2 years ago? Better make sure you are nice to your kids, like sukatra says or they’ll put you in a home in a few years.

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