28 Replies to “Explain It!”

  1. I thought this was going to be something interesting. Then I found out that it’s something which I can’t sign up for until two years from now, by then it’ll probably have died.

  2. I don’t get the joke, but Nutcheese is looking haggard. Things must be rough at home or something.

    Is this a collab or an abberation or what the f* is it??

    I don’t get it.

  3. Oh wait. I think I get it now. Kelly is big on that Vloggerhead dealio. This must be that new kinder, gentler Vloggerhead atmosphere we’ve all been hearing about.

    Is this a prank? I hate it when I get pranked!!

  4. I was debating whether to post this video on the blog and then found it waiting for me. How it got there? A hacker or maybe I posted it in the midst of an ambien binge. BTW- I think Nutcheese looks haut in high rez, Marquis.

  5. What is Vloggerheads.
    Hell if I know, but the whole drama will make a great topic for some anthropology or psychology.grad student’s paper who’s a fan of social epistemology. Anyone want to get published?

  6. @marquis- she’s got Ellen Degeneris smile and the innocent eyes of a child. That’s all I see. But I swear I’m shocked by my own decline, having recently looked at pictures of me 4 years ago. Shit I’ve aged like a president.

  7. Boy, there sure is a mess o’ hatin’ with this one. Poor kelley. What people don’t understand is that she’s really just a delicate little flower, a chocolate bon bon.with a hard exterior and a soft mushy center. Hopefully a chocolate center, since I love chocolate. I am not flirting with you kelley.

  8. Cults, rapid aging and short people! Oh my!

    Oh I look much worse.
    Just look at the glazed over eyes of 1938Superman in the vid I linked at @7. Last time I saw that, I was staring into the steely blues of a Moonie.
    Oh now I really suspect a viewership drive prank.
    Chocolate can kill babies and puppies.

  9. yawn…people actually whatch this shit? this is the new media revolution? wake me when these fruit cakes are finished sounding off.

    Come on, real content producers like Nalts (farts and all) shouldn’t have to bothered with this poo (good one NutCheese)

  10. Kelley, at least Nalts calls you. You too, sukatra. He’s never called me. I am hurt.

    I am going to Wildwood, NJ next week, then stopping by by nieces’ apartment on the way home. They live near Nalts. I was so excited, thinking I could finally meet him. But he’s got to go visit his in-laws. Bummer.

  11. He’s only called me once marilyn, but it was the greatest day of my life. No wait, the greatest day of my life was when I had that hairy mole removed from my ass. So i guess it was the second greatest day of my life. Appropriate, don’t you think, since they both involved asses.

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