20 Replies to “Creepy Privacy Mailer from Verizon Wireless”

  1. “and crappy privacy mailers that look like a porn leaflet but without the glossy color photos”

    Wait, how do you know what crappy porn leaflets looks like? I thought you were a drug dealer?! Hang on, that’s the other blog I’m on, sorry, continue..

    “What’s your favorite and least favorite company? If that company was humanized, what would he/she look like?”

    I’d have to say Exxon [click] cause they look like the creepy CEO at Exxon. Actually, all big soulless corporation look like Lee Raymond to me. What a nightmare I live in, eh?

  2. Just imagine all the guys at verizon walking around in nothing but lace underpants. And I don’t mean lingerie lace underpants. I mean six year old girl underpants with lacy frills on them. Those things are fucking uncomfortable, which adds to the hilarity. And when the guys get woodies while wearing them, that’ll be priceless.

    No, it won’t. Just creepy.

  3. I really hate Viacom, for their horrible PR and obvious reasons.
    But the Sprint “sell out” of family moments contest is really lowly and is playing on the part of us that laughs and then feels guilty.
    Cell phone companies in general are annoying.
    p.s. Idk why I don’t comment more, I read your blog everyday. Everyone who just watches your videos think your only as smart/mature as a 12 year old, but I really feel like you’re the smartest person on youtube. mwuahahaha

  4. I’m in the middle of a 24-hour restriction against caffeine. Y’all won’t be hearing squat from me.

  5. I hate all car commercials, especially those for big SUVs that try to convince you that they are energy-efficient. Actually, I hate all commercials. I mute them or TiVo through them. I am not exactly a marketing person’s ideal customer.

  6. Then there are those lines in some privacy policies that say “We will not disclose your information to third parties except as required or *permitted* by law.” “Required” I can understand, but “permitted”? So basically that part just says the company won’t break the law in this area? How does that provide any added reassurance or information?

    Maybe we are supposed to believe that a company that might otherwise be inclined to break the law in the area of privacy will stop and say “Oh wait, even though we’re perfectly willing to do something illegal under normal circumstances we won’t do it now, as it would violate our privacy policy”.

  7. ok the serve has the hiccups so keep copies of your comments before you send. If it seems like the server is dragging it’s probably eating your words subsequently by-passing the digestive system and heading right out the poop shoot. You’ve been warned! Jesus Saves!

  8. “Why does everything on this blog always come back to poop?”

    You know the phrase, if I only knew then what I know now.
    That’s what happen here, only the then is age 9.

  9. ^ I suspect the presence of a poop propagator, jan. Won’t be too hard to narrow down the list of suspects because, of course, they are the usual suspects.

  10. Sprint is my least favorite. My land line once stopped working. So in a moment of shear brilliance I thought “I have this licked”! I whipped out my Sprint cellular phone and dialed the ATT repair telephone number. I was greeted with a message “this call cannot not be completed”. Thinking that I had misdialed I tried again. Same answer.

    I called Sprint customer service:

    “Umm, (I start a lot of sentence with “”umm””) I can’t seem to get through to ATT repair service on my Sprint phone. Any reason why?”

    “Because we don’t want you to”

    “But why”?

    “Because we said so”

    Today I use Verizon.

  11. they obviously have your best interests at heart….thank goodness they offered you the otion to opt out!

    any I can’t beleive that you still got crank phone calls – can’t Verizon do something abotu that?

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