The Secrets of Viral Video (draft presentation)

As I mentioned previously, I’m presenting “The Secrets of Viral Video Marketing” at a Yahoo! event called “Big Screen, Little Screen.” It’s this Wednesday,  July 9 in Toronto, Canada.

Want to review the deck and provide any suggestions? Obviously it won’t be self explanatory, but I thought I’d give you loyal WVFF readers a sneak preview. Here’s the Powerpoint deck in Flash via

Any suggestions?

Oh- and thanks to David Bridges for designing the Nalts flavicon (that little icon on the left of the browser window before the WVFF URL). Thanks also to Jan for installing the little booger!

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  1. Looks pretty good. Nice presentation.

    Are you nervous? I usually have no problem speaking in front of groups; don’t know why. Probably because I’m a teacher.

    I assume there will be elaboration of the slides, particularly #3. A lot of these people may not be familiar with these viral videos.

    Slide #7 seems a bit busy to me.

    Why is Renetto on slide #12?

    The statement in the peach box on slide #18 seems a bit rude.

    That’s all I have.

  2. (on slide 8) oh, yeah, I forgot, marketers take courses on powerpoint.

    (after reading the whole slideshow) it looks good, in fact, I want to hear the presentation that goes with it, any chance of it being filmed and put up? please? I’ll platonically love you forever.

  3. Great presentation, Nalts. I think it’s important to note that a lot of success depends on the demographics trying to be reached / the site the content is being put on too.

  4. Okay, My cheese video is nowhere to be found. That aside. Rennetto is baggage now. Leave him out.

    There is no sustainablilty with YT and viral. Just a series of one hit wonders..quite taxing like the endless stream of television commercials. One at a time. The hits are rare.

  5. 1. Where’s the link?
    2. That’s favicon, not flavicon…. stands for Favorites icon (what IE calls bookmarks).

    You know I totally would spend 8 hours critiquing your PowerPoint and then try to make you feel guilty about it. You know I totally would.

  6. Oh I found it.

    Here you go – actual time spent, less than one hour. Will put it on your account.

    Slide 1: Makes it sound like you are still at J&J – either separate bullet point, or at least separate “Currently Consumer Product Director” from “J&J” with a semicolon.

    Close paren after Crowne Plaza.

    Slide 5: Be consistent about ending bullet points (that are also sentences) with period, or none at all. This applies to other slides, too.

    Slide 7: Why are thumbnail, intro and ending capitalized?

    Slide 8: I love The Subservient Chicken! I was a fan of his before I even heard of Kevin Nalts.

    Slide 10: See Slide 5.

    Slide 12: Cast study? Don’t you mean Case study?

    Slide 14: Why is Campaign capitalized?

    Slide 15: See Slide 10.

    Slide 16: I’d change the ampersand to the word “and,” but that’s just me.

    Slide 17: Whimsical capitalization. Fix the last bullet point and you’re good.

    Slide 18: In the text box, end “Your company….” with a period. (Otherwise, very effective slide.)

    Slide 19: Bullets or numbered items, but not both. Do the hot-links work? Will you click on them during the presentation? Will people get a handout of your talk? If so, give a URL. If you plan to post the PowerPoint, do double check all links.

  7. You might want to throw in some stuff about how mainstream celebrities see the value in online video now – PDiddy, Oprah, Miley Cyrus all have promotional YT channels, etc etc.

  8. I thought it was horrible. For God’s sake, DON”T SEND YAHOO THE CURRENT VERSION! If something like that came across my desk I’d fire you so fast that volcanic jets of fire would be exploding out of your ass.

    Oh wait, that’s what happens when I get diarrhea.

    Never mind.

  9. Hey Nalts,

    Thanks for linking to me from your post. I’m glad to help out anytime.

    Also, it may be a bit gratuitous, but it is interesting to point out that something very creative such as Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance” has been on YouTube for two years and is about to push 100 million views alone, only to be followed by RCA Records – “Girlfriend – by Avril Lavigne” which has only been on YouTube for about a year and is right on Judson’s coat tails. Thsi just goes to show you that making videos that market directly towards the main demographics of viewers on YouTube has an outstanding effect on what type of views videos get. (i.e. “Fred” – The 2 month/4 highest subscribed mulitple hit wonder).

    Just writing this made me think of how deep marketing YouTube and marketing ON Youtube can get. I’d say your slideshow does a pretty good job of summing everything up.

    Thanks again Nalts,
    David Bridges

    ps. ::cough fix the link to my site please cough:: ;p

  10. Just a thought from someone who sits outside the viral video world for the most part….one huge myth in the branding world is that there are “brand personalities” (aimed at young people, edgy, sexy, etc…) that this medium is “suited” for. For conventional marketers it would be really good to reinforce the point that a much broader range of brands than you’d think have found ways to highlight their brand attributes in this medium.

    Great job.

  11. Very good, Thank god for Dahlia, I missed like all of those.

    I don’t see a favicon. looks great!

    You made a video about napkin folding and u jumped out of a plane twice? More info please. :o)

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  13. xjasongarciax :

    The favicon appears in your address bar, and next to the web page title on the tab, at least in Firefox. Don’t know about IE, I only use that at work, because I have to. And I can’t access this site at work because my school doesn’t want middle school-aged kids watching Nalts.

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