Terrorist Bloopers & Outtakes (video)

terrorist bloopers parody youtube videoHow do I miss something this viral?

It’s called Terrorists Bloopers, and it’s a low-budget parody of the “Girls Gone Wild” advertisements. A funny spoof on cheesy commercials and terrorism. And the ending is worth waiting for.

Here’s some fun trivia about it:

  • It was created by a Brooklyn NYC comedy troupe named Poykpac. Here’s another account (PoykpacLive) by the same group. Credits: Directed by Jonny Gillette, story by Paul Whitty, edited by Ryan Hunter and voiceover by Taige Jensen.
  • If you’re a terrorist and want to avenge the creators of this parody, here’s where they live.
  • Family Guy produced an Osama Bin Laden blooper reel that featured a similar joke. The creators say, “we humbly offer our sincerest apologies for having plagiarized something we’ve never seen.”

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  1. the family guy link, not that I really should complain, because it might be illegal if it happens, but could you link to better video, the one you linked to looks as if a guy just pointed a camera at his tv to record it.

    first post?
    not that it matters, no one comments here.

  2. So . . . I’m guessing the dudes at PoykPac won’t be getting any of that 72 virgin shit when they die, will they.

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