Best Blogger Pitch Letter Ever

Micropersuasion and your obsessed fans, take note. Five shiny stars for this pitch from Jason. Let’s review what makes it work:

  1. Personalized- says he’s long-time fan (and how can I disprove that, right?)
  2. His subject header is brilliant: “Opening myself up to your pointed criticism.” That makes me feel like he wants my critique not my gratuitous plug. Big difference. Totally caught my attention, and I scan e-mail at best.
  3. Low key. Jokes. Calls me “marketing big shot.”
  4. Sounds like an e-mail. Not a press release. Uses words like “thanks for the time, man.”

Learn from this, dear PR people. Especially you 1.0 PR people that are still sending bloggers press releases. That is so 2002. Mind you, I sat on this for weeks and haven’t exactly been to the websites below. But I trust the campaign is the most progressive one ever for a brand, and Jason can put that in his client binder. The dude even followed it up with a gentle nudge this week (knowing how bad I am about e-mail).

Subject header: “Opening myself up to your pointed criticism!”

Hey Kevin,

I’m the social media guy for Beam Global and long-time admirer. We’ve just launched a campaign (hoping to soon call it a “movement” though now that I think about that, I need a thesaurus) that I’d love your feedback on if you can spare a moment or two. Figured since you’re a marketing big shot who gets Web 2.0, it might raise your eyebrows.

Jim Beam is spending its budget this year marketing people who exhibit the brand persona, not the brand itself. (Bear with me, dude. It’ll make sense in a sec.) We’ve found an initial group of people who exhibit true character, integrity, perseverance through struggle, etc., (The Stuff Inside) and we’re marketing them — helping them because it’s the right thing to do. We’re walking the talk. One such subject is even a comedy troupe you might enjoy called Summer of Tears. Good videos.

Social Media Release:

I developed the social media strategies. Beam’s being kinda brave changing the way they market themselves. I’d just love to get your feedback on it all.

Thanks for the time, man.


Okay. I went to the site now. It moved horizontally, and reminds me of the AMeetingWithPhil site, only it has a more goeey web 2.0 feel. And everything worked well, which is a nice surprise when you’ve seen your share of bloated flashturbation sites.  Check out SummerofTears, one of the many artists the site features. They’re funny and drink Jim Beam responsibly of course.

12 Replies to “Best Blogger Pitch Letter Ever”

  1. Who is this guy, he’s got a cool name at least? Yes, a very intimate email. (There’s that word again) Very well done.

    Oh Kevin! You’ve gotta do a video for these guys…make sure your payment is an unlimited supply of Jim Beam!

  2. Well, I apparently can stop looking for an agent. Muchas gracias, senor Kev! (Wait, that’s for tequilla.) Mighty fine thank ya, pardner.

    And xjasongarciax – if you figure out who I am, please let my wife know. She asks the same question every time I come to bed.

    Drink responsibly. Especially when you’re being intimate with email. (Ewww.)

  3. oooo I want to jump in here!

    “Opening myself up to your pointed criticism!”
    agree! steal this!

    “who gets Web 2.0,”
    a great compliment! this says your reader is smart, better than most, sees the future, open minded, knows where things are headed, on the cutting edge.

    “brand persona, not the brand itself”
    a compliment of the product that compliments your compliment of the reader, in sync. +++= big plus!

    “(Bear with me, dude. It’ll make sense in a sec.)”
    needless – this nullifies at least half of the compliment you just paid. Try, a simple, “let me explain the idea…” – keep it neutral.

    “Good videos.”
    good use of complimenting the product, simple and to the point, avoids over exaggeration, solid!

    “Social Media Release:…”

    “Beam’s being kinda brave”
    another great compliment for the product and the reader. it says they get it, just like you!

    “Thanks for the time, man.”
    I’d dump the “man,” too familiar and lacks professionalism.
    “Hey Kevin” “big shot” and “Thanks” are familiar enough for a first e-mail intro. – these three show you’re confident, witty, and appreciative.

    Now The Web site:
    I like the red and creamy gray, the slide made me a little nauseous depending on which tab I hit.

    The Message: “The Stuff Inside” hmm…. confusing – the point is to forget about the stuff inside by drinking JB isn’t it?

    So though it’s all a nice idea; the creative arts, tattoos, supporting our troops et al, it’s really just a big money grubbing corporation using the psychology of lifestyle and sell to get me to buy their product to reach the ultimate goal of getting drunk, right?

    Frankly, the last thing I want to think about when sipping anything on the rocks is the troops and tattoos; both libel to cause a bar fight.

    When it comes to the sins taxed products I want a company to tell me the quality of the science they use to get me high, relaxed and how their product cures social awkwardness. This isn’t A.W. Hirsch, it’s JB.

  4. I put “poo” as the stuff inside.

    I don’t think that’ll be showing up on the website.

  5. Jason, next time I need to send Nalts an email I’ll be sure to send you a rough draft…will you spice it up for me and then send it to him? I’m tired of the “only scan my email” and “email inbox is sooo bloated” excuses. You seem to have what it takes to grab his attention! As far as the wife goes, just tell her you have multiple personality disorder. ;o)

  6. Jason et all. I realize I’m terrible about e-mail and it’s keeping me sane, but shutting out people from whom I actually want to hear. So I’ve added a gmail filter for the acronym WVFF. If you ever write me, put that in the message and it turns the e-mail a different color. Also- I tend to read the last 20 emails when I’m in the mood, and rarely go back. So mornings are great and it’s always okay to send multiple times! 🙂

  7. Wow. Just had a chance to swing by and see the comments.

    Jischinger – Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the comments on the site and will make sure the development team takes a look at the input. We encourage all of our friends to drink responsibly, though, and are of the opinion that good bourbon can be enjoyed as such. That would be our ultimate goal.

    Sukatra – I’m thinking “poo” won’t make it, either. But I’ll put in a good word for ya. Heh.

    Britney Mason – No, you da man … er. Um. Nevermind.

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