You’re Funnier Than Me

fartDear loyal commenters: You’re funnier than me, but you knew that. I almost always laugh outlout when I read your comments, especially when it’s a response to another comment. Blogging is indeed good for you. While I’m linking to Bitpakkit, you’d better check this post out. And this one. Oh, hell. Just RSS it.

I wish I could figure out how to thread comments so you could reply to an earlier one (and learn to deal with whatever stupid blocking thing is happening according to Marquis and Jan). I can’t wait until blogging is as easy as Twittering (only to find out your twitters took you 50 bucks over your Verizon limit).

Anyway, this post is for my homeslices with hysterical responses to my recent post about long-tail weblebrities. Turns out Ross says I almost made the list of “YouTubers who will never be famous,” but I lost out to Artie. Damnit. Artie is a creator I hate to love and love to hate. I’m perplexed by his popularity, but can’t resist watching.

  1. Brad Wogsland says, “So if you make a million crappy videos, then you can still make money even if only 5 people watch them.” Marquisdejolie replies, “that’s my plan, Brad.” I second that emotion.
  2. Sdavis54 asks, “I’m not on this list, does that mean I will be famous?”
  3. Mark (xlntads) accuses Cracked of “link bating.” Maybe you’ve heard of that, but I had the same reaction the guy had in the preview for Broken Arrow…. “I don’t know what’s more disturbing. That you lost a nuclear weapon or that you have a term for it.”
  4. xJasonGarciax says, “Owww!!! My retinas! Too much verbage. My optic nerves are deteriorating and my brain hurts….” That fart picture is for you, friend.
  5. Here’s Jan’s response. Worthy of a post itself because — as my friend Juan Cordova used to say — “it put me to think.”

What made shaycarl, besides his lovely wife, was sxephil, what made sxephil was zefrank what made zefrank was a timely fluke and finding a nitch that was wide open and having the right instincts to capitalize on it. Are these people talented? That question will always be subjective, the WWF is popular so my answer is, yes, they all have a talent. Are they rich because of it? Doubt it, but for the money it’s a lot more fun than what most people do for a living. When the fun becomes work and the pay doesn’t cover the basics that will change. The important thing in life, like anything, is when you look back and reflect, if you can say, “I learned some stuff; it didn’t pay much, but it was a blast!” Then I’d call that a success. Legacywise, if that’s important to you, purpose is key. Purpose brings quality, but anyone who makes at least an honest effort is guaranteed a footnote in someone’s history book. How many footnotes depends on how much effort and how long the commitment. rant too long? sorry, been caught up in the philosophy debates on youtube. I know, doesn’t that sound like fun!

Damn I gotta pee so bad I’m seeing yellow. Does anyone ever see my secret hyperlink mouseover tags, or is that just going to be an inside joke with myself?

13 Replies to “You’re Funnier Than Me”

  1. Second!!!! WooHooo, Biatches! How you like me now?! Thought you knew!

    MMM! *GRUNT* Picture blog…me like, can understand! (Are you insinuating that I’m a flaming butthole? Where’s Nutcheese when you need her?!)

    Nalts, You just stepped up a few notches in coolness cause you used the word homeslice. Way to go homeboy! :o)

  2. oh this one is going to give me a lot of heart burn and a ton of responses to follow. buckle up!

    1rd – I don’t think zefrank sucks, nice try Kevin! the love affair continues
    2st – you’re just pissed cause you fell for the joke thinking this was another ego boosting article about (said like a Canadian) you, which only shows I know how to get your attention since you ignore the ton of e-mails mdj sends.
    3st- my fingers are dyslexic.
    4rd sukatra is really Jodi Foster
    5rd thanks for putting me in quotes and linking my blog I was going to remove the page, but can’t help loving the attention, I’m an official blog stats whore. It’s all running tops with me; least til I get featured next week on You Tube making chris crocker cry, forcing michael buckley to say whatheishinger!, having nutcheese dedicate a special package to me and getting renetto’s channel DMACsuspended, permanently!

    I’m not done yet! I have to go, nalts is making another video, I can feel it!

  3. jischinger,

    That was a top-notch blog I must say. You should put a web hit counter at the bottom, considering it’s about Nalts it’ll probably get over a million hits in like a few hours. Better yet, put it at the top so I don’t have to scroll down to the bottom to check in on the fans flocking to check in on their most beloved weblebrity. I noticed the “Recent Post” section too…”hair loss cure” LOL! ;o)

    Nalts, I’ve been mean to you lately, I think Sukatra is rubbing off on me…sorry. ;o)

    Hey also, did your sister ever give out the guessing game prize? Did I miss it? Just a random thought.

  4. So, since I – the second least funny person on the planet – am funnier than you, that makes you… what? Yep, the least funny jackass ever.

    I kid!

  5. Okay I would be a ittle miffed that you didn’t reference me but then jischinger did so really, I’m okay with it.

    Congrats to the other homeslices, whatever the heck that means.

    Oh, and I did look at your hyperlinks, and while they are sort of funny, I think you can do better. Step it up, buddy.

  6. I am not funnier than you Nalts; it’s all I can do to keep up with sukatra. I enjoy the camaraderie of this blog and the people I have come to “know” here. I like that it is a small, intimate group. I know that the size of your audience is probably not good for your ego (not that your ego needs any pumping), but the reason I come back every day (actually, truth be told, several times a day) is because I really enjoy reading your posts and the interesting comments they elicit.

    So, even though I am probably the most boring commenter on this blog, you will never get rid of me.

  7. Hey! I referenced you too sukatra, but NOOOOOO luv for me, huh?

    Seesh, you think you *know* somebody. :o(

    Marilyn, you’re not the most boring, I am.

  8. well, so far I must say I am thoroughly disappointed in all of you. 🙁

    Nalts bends over and gives you the flaming raspberries and you’re all so nice and polite! “Oh pardon me did you drop this over stuffed republican leather wallet with a picture of George Bush on it? Here you go, no problem, not at all, not at all, my pleasure.”

    This is a roast not a funeral! I know you can put the youtubes aside for a moment and do much much better! Lurkers too! This is like being in the Serengeti after a long drought and the rains hit. Now’s your chance! ‘…drag out that thesaurus, search your soul, light a candle and take a few online social minutes…’

    Oh wait a second, now I get it! Kevin put vicodin in the hyperlinks!

  9. I see your mouseover jokes. Have you tried Youtube’s video annotations feature yet? I did. I’d prefer mouseovers.

    P.S. Figured out what blocked 3 of my comments here. It was when I url linked to Renetto videos on Youtube, his copyright-infringed videos. Okay, so no more DMCA references from me.

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