The Attack of the Killer How-To Video Sites

Lately it’s “The Attack of the Killer How-To Videos Sites.” We’ve already seen ExpertVillage, Instructables, AOL’s How To, VideoJug, and of course YouTube’s How-To section.

While uploading on this morning, I noticed three more sites that have surfaced. Most of these models depend exclusively on advertising revenue. While that’s a nice interim model for targeted buys, I do see the potential for sites and creators to post modest fees for instructional videos.

If it was “iTunes” easy to buy a “how to” video, you’d probably pay a modest fee for “just-in-time” learning. Anything to avoid the instructional manual, attending a class or hiring a pro. Here are some examples:

  1. Although it’s got a laughable web 2.0 name and brand, Slipo is somewhat unique. It’s more fo a social learning network for teaching through video & webcam. People can meet others of common interests, and engage in live, personalized webcam classes (members can schedule appointments, charge fees, and re-watch their live classes later for additional practice).
  2. HowCast is probably “the one to watch,” since it has recently signed distribution agreements with, Metacafe and Bebo. Those join a collection of distribution agreements with Myspace, YouTube, Verizon FiOS TV, Joost, and ROO. It doesn’t hurt that it’s founded by veterans from YouTube and 3 from Google. Howcast provides advertising revenue-sharing income for user-generated content and professional video.
  3. 5 Minute is a place to find “short video solutions for practical questions,” and a place for people to share their knowledge. The idea behind 5min, of course, is to focus solutions that can be visually explained in no more than 5 minutes.

And if you don’t like what you see, find a free Web 2.0 platform and aggregate your own “how to” videos around some ridiculously niche topic. Or just create your very own revenue-producing “How To” video using Revver (see a video I made back in Sept. 2006). Better buy one of these coin counters (see video) to help sort your pennies.

While you’re at it, please create a “how to” video on attracting weary advertisers.

Pete Cashmore reviews some of the best “how to” video sites at, including (a site that aggregates them but isn’t working as of this writing).

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  1. First!

    Don’t think I’ve ever done that before and just wanted to do it once in my life.

    BTW- A little prooof-reeding before you post wouldnt hurt, Kevin. I saw another couple of speling erors – again.

    I do think you’re a brilliant creator, though.

  2. (OK. Thought I already did this. Let’s try again.)

    First! Don’t think I’ve ever done that before and wanted to do that once before I die.

    BTW- a little proof-reading wouldn’t hurt, Kevin. I found spelling errors – again.

  3. So many different places where I can load videos and not make money… Cool!

    BTW- didn’t notice the spelling errors, Kevin. I can’t read very well so don’t bother waisting time with spell check… it is waisted on me. For the long blogs… can you turn them into an audio recording/book on tape?

    I like boobies. And Kevin. I wish Kevin had boobies.

  4. overwhelmed is what I am! I need a how-to on how-to find time to watch how-to videos. Which I think reinforces some of what was said in that falling, squeeling conferences thingy with all those guys and stuff the other day, (oy, long day). Essentially, you gotta to find your nitch audience and community. Taking it one step further… Focus! Develop this community into a sort of co-op where you help, do collabs, implement, stick in some ad-rev, promote each others junk and stuff, not unlike this blog; develop a little empire then conquer the world! (I said I had a long day) Next February the world is going to change. Really.

    And when the world changes, you’ll be rich, Nalts. Rich beyond your wildest dreams.

  5. I dunno how to do anything except make crappy videos,but at least theyre getting less crappy with every new crappy video,what a load of crap huh?

    How come you never make crappy videos, Mr Viral Video Genius, sir?

  6. Just figured it out, did you? By the way, I think thewinekone is WAY hotter than you. Even though he is a perv. I’d take a perv any day over a dork.

  7. Sukatra, dorks are the inheritors of the earth! Well, nerds are at least. I’m often unsure whether to use the term dork, nerd, or geek; which is proper in which setting? Maybe I should ask the language lady who writes a column in our paper.

    Anyway, I am proud to say that I am a geek, as are both of my sons (both computer science majors in college). My husband, however, is a self-described cyber-idiot.

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