Selling Out? Cashing In? The Canadian Perpective…

Canadian publication “Globe and Mail” did a story about viral video: cashing in or cashing out. I’m mentioned a few times in the piece, and it’s an interesting exposition… Jennifer Hollett takes on a variety of views about the appropriateness of sponsored ads. I was tickled to see Hollett digging up this old piece in which I pretend to be a viral video broker (desperately trying to get fake YouTube celebs to sell out).

Blame Canada

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  1. What’s with the link? Doesn’t work.

    And what’s with the Canada-bashing, guys? I have friends from Canada and they don’t even end each sentence with “eh”. Although I used to have a roommate in college who was from Tupper Lake (in the Adirondacks; very near Canada) whose favorite expression was (you’re going to love this, sukatra): “fucking-eh”.

  2. Thanks Marilyn. Fixed link! Marquis- if Jennifer be dissin’ on Marquis, you let me know. I’ll pinch her head.

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