RIP for Paid Content (bring on the ads)

It’s pretty clear that consumers are hesitant to buy professional video content much less amateur content. Given that I’ve sold exactly 13 copies of my “best of Nalts DVD” it’s no surprise to me to see that Brightcove is abandoning its “pay for content” model:

On July 31, 2008, we plan to discontinue the Pay Media (Beta) functionality within Brightcove. The Pay Media functionality allows publishers to rent or sell their content directly to consumers. Since its beta release in January 2007, less than 1% of our customers have tried the feature and an even smaller percentage of our customers use it routinely. Given the minimal adoption of Pay Media and the feedback we have received from the market, we are going to discontinue this beta functionality.

Too bad. I was thinking about selling “White Bucks” for $250.

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  1. don’t you dare sell that to anyone, but me! that one is on my top 3 list of Nalts videos! when people say, “who’s Nalts?” it’s the 1st video I show them. There’s a who formula I use, don’t mess with the formula!

    Leave white bucks alone, leave it alone!

  2. I agree completely with jischinger. I do the same thing when introducing people to nalts. white bucks is one of your finest moments. I especially like the dancing on the street corner. That took balls, my friend.

  3. Sorry, (Not)Brightcove. My statement was as harsh as Sansho The Bailiff. I’m sure your intentions to make a fistful of dollars off of other people’s work was well meaning.

  4. Hey Nalts,

    Want to see my anthropology honors progress report from today’s meeting here at Millsaps? Dr. Ming Tsui thinks my project has no structure! WHAT DOES SHE KNOW!!!! I think I might use you as a central network node. You see, I have to have some way of choosing which videos are included in the study. Do you think it would be a good idea to use your friends list? You are way more of an expert than me so I’d like to hear your suggestions.

    Would you be willing to meet with me next time I am in the northeast? I can take the fungwah and meet you in New York (I’m from Boston). It would be in late August.


  5. Freddy Nager:
    Who would buy them? Regardless of what Nalts says, white bucks will NEVER come back in style. At least I hope they don’t.

  6. Although you could be forgiven for thinking Brightcove has been closing down since the day it opened… slowly removing different functions and features every couple of months.

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