Maybe Online Video Isn’t Just Staging Area for Wanna-Be Media Stars?

Michael Buckley: Media WhoreI found this quote interesting, as Liz Stowasky of the “Point Click and Go” show on interviewed Michael Buckley (see video) from the WhatTheBuckShow. Stowasky asked Buckley about his plans for the future:

“It’s so funny because whenever I do interviews they always seem disappointed when I kinda say I’m happy where I’m at. They definitely want to hear ‘oh, I am aspiring to much more.'” … Sure if E called and wanted to give me a half-hour show… that would be great. My biggest fear is they’re going to censor me… and they’re going to be ‘don’t say this or do say this, or take it down a notch or don’t be so gay or whatever.”

Hmmm. Downsides to “crossing over.” Someone telling us not to be so gay.

One thing we sometimes forget is the tremendous creative freedom we have as online-video creators. No studios to please. No sponsors to patronize (unless we choose). No script review or censorship. Just us and our audiences.

I suspect that Will Ferrell’s motivation for FunnyOrDie was about having that freedom, and not on getting rich via the web. After all, Ferrell already has enough money to buy Buckley and make him his $4,000-a-date Spitzer gimp.

Speaking of Spitzer, how come nobody’s done a “Spitzer throws puppy from a cliff” video yet?

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  1. This is why I like Michael Buckley he’s a genuine stand-up and nice guy. I’ve never seen half of the stuff he talks about, but he’s so light-hearted and upbeat he’s a pleasure to watch. It’s really nice to see someone enjoy what he’s doing amidst all the bitterness. He’s like You Tube’s entertaining gay Mr. Rogers, if you know what I mean.

    “You are my friend you are special, you are my friend you’re special to me…”

  2. Spitzer: It’s not like I trusted him or anything, he is a politician after all. Still, hopes were dashed, disappointment setting in, which ultimately leads to wondering how Hillary will play this up to her psychological advantage in neighboring PA.

    but, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to lose all trust, have your heart ripped out and stomped on in a very public way I think the look on his wife’s face captures that moment. Nietzsche at your bedside just doesn’t count right now.

  3. I’ll confess I’m not one of WTB’s 100,000 but I am subscribed to peron75. I applaud Michael for what he’s doing: doing what he enjoys and not looking to ditch YouTube for something more lucrative or glamourous.

    If we’re talking gay men then he kicks William Sledds butt simply because he’s stayed doing what’s made him popular. AskAGayMan was a great concept but William barely produced anything approaching a body of work before dashing off to chase the bright lights!

    So here’s to Buckley – a hero of online video!

  4. Michael is one YouTuber that has totally earned everything he has accomplished on YT. Somehow he manages to make videos, watch others videos, comment, and do colabs on a regular basis. The guy is a machine! I don’t know how he keeps up the stamina… it must be a gay thing.

    Of all the networks… FOX!!!… *barf* I still TiVo when he is on though. It kills my soul a little each time… but I do it for Michael.

  5. Re: Spitzer
    I live in NY, near the capital city of Albany, no less. It has been a giant media circus here for the past few days. The city could make a mint just from ticketing all the media vans parked around the Capitol.

    My questions is, why are we jumping all over a guy for hooking up with a hooker (not that I condone it at all), but Bush is still in office after lying to the American public about WMD, and thumbing his nose at the Constitution, among many other grave injustices he has foisted upon us during his reign. Why do we care more about what our leaders do in their bedrooms that what they do in their offices?

  6. Marilyn because Eliot made his career out of busting the same people who laundered money through prostitution, it’s also illegal and who knew better than Spitz?

    The one thing Spitzer has that Bush doesn’t and that’s the courage to resign. We as Americans are just not doing our duty to make him leave, better yet, arrest him.

    In a way I would have liked to see Spitzer fight it under the following conditions, “Bush lied and should be convicted for war crimes and you want me to resign for shelling out $80k of my own money on a dame?! And compared to Bush what I did was nothing. 1000s have died under Bush, my actions, maybe, at worse, got a few arms broken and I wasn’t even there!”

    Other than that, he broke the laws he was entrusted to uphold, so justice must be done, the rest is up to his very expensive lawyers. Bush on the other hand should be tried for crimes against humanity, I blame Congress, they keep encouraging this behavior AND I blame us for not writing more letters and for supporting these two horrible horrible parties.

  7. jischinger:
    I agree that Spitzer broker the law he was sworn to uphold, and the same can be said of Bush. As an aside, had Spitzer done what he did in Las Vegas, it would not have even been a crime.

    Spitzer was supposed to be Mr. Squeaky-Clean, so this scandal has definitely tainted him to the point where, were he not to resign, he probably could not effectively govern.

    I also agree with you that Bush’s actions have caused thousands of needless deaths, whereas Spitzer’s actions, to me, are mainly an issue between he and his wife.

    My final vent on this issue (unless someone posts a comment I feel an overwhelming urge to respond to), is that Bush should have been impeached or brought up on charges for his abuse of the Constitution. No other president has betrayed the ideals of the Constitution more than Bush has.

  8. “As an aside, had Spitzer done what he did in Las Vegas, it would not have even been a crime.”

    Well this is certainly a gotch-ya moment. Looks a bit like pay back for all the white collars he collected as SAG. But shouldn’t we all be a little happy that the Feds stuck it to a politician who is also a lawyer? It’s a manic situation. He was both good and bad cop.

    Still, you can’t transport hookers over state lines, even in Nevada, which is what they will probably charge him with . You just can’t mess with interstate commerce, that gets you into trouble with the Feds. Best to stick with the local hooker, as they say, charity begins at home 😉

    I can’t be too sad for the guy though, there are no safeties for women in other states like in Nevada so I don’t think you can say what he did wasn’t a crime.

    His political career is over and my guess so is his law career too, though he has plenty of money to hire some very good attorneys to keep him out of jail. Chances are, unlike you and me and everyone else here, he’ll probably walk with a slap on the wrist, community service and maybe the short course in sex addiction.

    The seedy part is he knew this was illegal and thought somehow he was immune, that’s just arrogance. I don’t know how many prostitution rings he’s busted, but this type of business is really horrible for all the women involved. Guys, like his pimp, usually tear off to Israel or Turkeye. So his $80k was really supporting some very slimy characters and he knew it.

    Bush, is our fault.

    BTW: Help Mike Gravel.
    Shame on you You Tube!

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