Lonely Girl Will Come Back to Life

Lonelygirl15 loves naltsBree is dead, but I think she’ll be back. LonelyGirl was killed last Friday, and here’s the LonelyGirl15 episode that brings ovaracting in online video to a high bar I can only hope to reach. The video is currently rating 3 out of 5 stars and keep in mind you can’t select one star). Sources: according to Inside Online Video and The Washington Post (excerpted below).

After more than a year and about 260 episodes, 16-year old Bree, the main character on the Web drama “LonelyGirl15,” was killed at the hands of the religious cult that had chased her for the life-giving qualities of her rare blood type.

Actress Jessica Lee Rose, who plays Bree, hasn’t abandoned the information superhighway, of course. She is developing a new Web comedy that should launch later this year. And she has signed on to a TV project titled “E-lebrity,” along with fellow online stars Taryn Southern and Stevie Ryan.

Will she be back? Think about the progression of LonelyGirl15. First let me say I respect the creators for creating a new medium of serialized video content and for brilliant marketing. Now let me poke the show with a stick.

Folks, Bree isn’t just a French cheese anymore. And LonelyGirl15 has transformed from a webcam vlogger to a full-fledged low-budget soap opera from a Spanish cable-access station.

So it’s only natural that she’ll return, as:

  1. A ghost
  2. The real Bree (the dead one was, of course, a look-alike or alien clone).
  3. A twin sister
  4. A dream sequence

Am I wrong? What have I missed?

16 Replies to “Lonely Girl Will Come Back to Life”


    “Bree just isn’t a french cheese anymore. . .” How long have you been waiting to use that line?

  2. She is gonna return as NutCheese’s girlfriend.

    But then I throw her off the roof as part of a lesbian initiation ceremony.

  3. “NutCheese – August 7, 2007

    She is gonna return as NutCheese’s girlfriend.

    But then I throw her off the roof as part of a lesbian initiation ceremony.”

    OMG! LonelyGirl15 is really the Nalts doll?!?!?!?!

  4. I haven’t seen a single episode of Lonelygirl… and as much as I want to see Bree’s death scene, I don’t want to break the previously stated record… I’m so torn.

  5. Nutcheese- have you run into her. You all live in LA? Check the local TGIF and Abercrombie and Fitch. I’m sure you shop there regularly.

  6. Ummm… NutCheese lives in da hood in San Francisco.

    Remember when Bobby Ewing died and we found out the next year it was all Pam’s dream?

    Am I dating myself? I dated myself once before. The sex was awful.

  7. okay-I watch you, nalts, all the time. you are great. i also am a huge lonelygirl15 fan. I am the one that feel for this being a true story. .haha.
    stupid me.
    I knew there was acting, but I never knew bree was acting.. so funny of me.
    The new season won’t be the same without bree.

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