How to Find and Win Video Contests

xlntads.jpgHow do you make sure you’re not missing video contests? No excuses anymore.

  1. You can check into YouTube’s contest page
  2. You can hit this VidOpp for a nice summary of contests.
  3. You can register on, which hosts custom contests (and is currently running a contest for itself). Click here to register, and tell ’em Nalts sent you on the “referred by” drop-down on the registration page. You’ll then get e-mail alerts as contests launch.

Disclaimer: I am helping Xlntads liason with creators (see news).

Top 10 tips on how to increase your odds of winning.

  1. Make your entry entertaining first, then worry about promotion. Being over promotional looks like you’re pandering and bores viewers.
  2. Think like the brand leader. Are you giving him something he can show his boss without looking stupid?
  3. If someone personally reaches out to you, it’s worth more consideration.
  4. Play odds in your favor. Go for contests with lots of decent finalist prizes instead of one brass ring for the winner.
  5. Enter brands that fit your own style, and that will add to your resume.
  6. Watch the entries. If they’re super polished, then think realistically before you invest time. Also recognize that many entries will come in last minute.
  7. Read the rules carefully. It’s easy to get disqualified over a technicality. That happened with me and a Coke contest because my  wife and I were humming a song from the Muppets.
  8. As soon as you learn about a contest, prepare and shoot your entry. Your initial enthusiasm will fade.
  9. Try not to give up when you lose or become a runner’s up. It takes persistence and luck.
  10. Consider the age and style of the brand’s target audience. I learned that putting my kids in some contests increased my placement, but hurt me in others.

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