New YouTube CEO

Van Stahr from YouTube made a video to promote his new petition.

A petition to make me the new CEO of YouTube. I hate to support a hostile takeover of Chad and Steven, but they haven’t invited me into the advertising revenue-sharing program yet.

As the new CEO I will allow creators to control how much advertising appears on their channel, and share revenue with them. I will also move corporate offices to the PA/NJ area, and find a business excuse for that later.

16 Replies to “New YouTube CEO”

  1. I signed. It will be interesting to see how many signatures you get. I think I was only #5. Maybe you should make a video of your campaign and ask people to sign the petition from there.

    Hope you have a good weekend! I’m headed to Illinois this weekend for a dog show. If you ever get the chance, I’ll take you to a show and you can show some of my dogs for me. What kind of dogs you ask? Weiner dogs. I think you would be great at showing some weiner dogs. I would be willing to give you my shirt that says,”I know it’s big, but please don’t stare at my weiner!”

  2. I really think you need to do a campaign video on this. The comments will be funnier than the ones on YT.

  3. I thought Nalts was considering leaving for (once it launches this summer). Interesting how you are keeping your options open. Nice try for CEO though 🙂

  4. this is a little off topic, but is youtube cracking up again? All of the sudden I am subscribed to a whole bunch of people I’ve never been subscribed to, but somehow they seem related to Nalts, Nutcheese and 777. This isn’t the first time something like this has happen. A few weeks ago I logged into my account at youtube and found I was looking at someone else’s profile, mail and subscriber’s list.
    Anyone else have similar problems?
    I’m guessing youtube has some huge security issues and bugs.

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