Will Fox Make Me Take Huckabees Parody Down?

Someone’s been vigilantly pulling down the maverick video clips of the Lily Tomlin and David O. Russell fighting on the “I Love Huckabees” set.

George Clooney is denying he leaked it, and offering $1 million if we can prove him wrong. George- thanks for sending me the clip. I uploaded it with aliases so nobody will catch us.

Speaking of, how long will my parody of the event last on YouTube before someone makes me or YouTube pull it?

6 Replies to “Will Fox Make Me Take Huckabees Parody Down?”

  1. Since you have “I Heart Huckabees” in the title it has a good chance of coming down since it’s easy to search for. I hope it doesn’t get taken down though, it was pretty funny.

  2. It’ll last a long wile as the visuals are different making it impossable to catch without someone viewing it and snitching on you. (Email has been sent). Was it part of a program or is it acctually a behind the scenes row?

  3. Three Kings was a good movie – Huckabees was just ok. Might be interesting to watch those scenes again in a new light and see how they came off.

    I agree with TH though

  4. I wonder if parody gives me some safety on this? Tripple- this was indeed a clip from “behind the scenes” footage on the set. It’s not film dialogue. It’s a real fight.

  5. YT leaves up the hysterical rl fight w/ my favorite angry lesbian Lily Tomlin and forces you to take down a parody? (thanks for that clip sukatra *hahahahahahahahaha*)

    Thank you Viacom!


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