Using Serialized Video to Engage and Promote, a dating website, has produced a video series to help create word-of-mouth marketing.

Online viewers likely index highly among LonelyBlogger’s target customers. More importantly, the video series is entertaining (humorous, dramatic and sexy) and not just promotional.

In this first of seven videos, a video-production team approach Kyle and his girlfriend to allow them full “behind the scenes” access to their home. For a budget of $5,000 the company is now engaging thousands of its target customers.

5 Replies to “Using Serialized Video to Engage and Promote”

  1. It might be geeky but it’s definately a good way to meet people. I know a few people that are still in relationships for years with people they met online at first and then began seeing each other after a few months of just talking online. I personally haven’t tried it yet but with the luck I’ve had with women it’s looking like a really good alternative to the dating scene today. Way too many crazy people out there and for some reason they all tend to be women I meet and try to get to know. 🙂

  2. TrippleHelix is just throwing stones because he’s about 80% more likely to meet his future spouse on YouTube or Stickam than in real life.

  3. this was interesting. The guy in the video, I thought he was a women at first, the girls mother. Seems cheezy – I did notice they favorited Nalts channel first. You got stock in this company Kevin? To be honest, seems too fake for my tastes, I kept thinking a little 70’s porn music and I wouldn’t know the difference. Sorry, a little too canned for me. Where’s Malki?

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