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  1. wazzup salty nalty? does veoh offer revenue sharing? Also,congrats on making revvers “featured creators” list.I noticed that “waymoby”AKA “weird al yankovic” didnt make the list! He’s sold several millions records,but apparently he’s not good enough for revver! maybe they just forgot? I’m thinking he will be added to the list soon.see ya!

  2. Veoh DOES offer revenue sharing and some nifty syndication features, Iloverocky. I like their new interface, too. Time will tell if it actually works. I just hope they don’t futz with it too much like some other sites. Weird Al apparently is not ‘twentysomething’ enough for the hip crowd in Los Angeles. That’s my take.

  3. Hey Nalts,
    Thanks so much for mentioning Sunny’s interview of us on VIRAL. Wanted to let you know also she’ll be guest-staring in this Wednesday’s episod of SNOWMEN HUNTERS.

    Been reading you for awhile, and kind of emberrassed I only get around to saying hello when you’re kind enough to link to us.

    Ah, well. What can you expect from 16 hour days putting out a show as ridiculous as SNOWMEN HUNTERS.

    Thanks again, and talk to you more soon,

  4. I created an account last November on Veoh, it’s gone now, not sure why. So I tried to create another and that went well. I even like the new interface and I’m so frustrated with Revver (spit), but Veoh has problems, if you want to upload you need to get an e-mail confirmation, the problem is the e-mail confirmation doesn’t work. So as much as I’d like to watch stuff on Veoh I’m boycotting until they fix this problem.

  5. Did you check your junk folder? Your email provider might’ve thought it was spam. I love Veoh’s single distribution point automatic uploading to YouTube, Google and especially MySpace. MySpace was such a hassle to upload to before. AND Veoh can syndicate your videos to your Facebook and MySpace blogs as well as generate a ipod podcastable QuickTime file. So for one Veoh uploading experience, I get my vids sent to 6 places and am podcastable! That saves me a buttload of time! A WHOLE buttload. Send Sarah@veoh.com a message about your email confirmation problem.

  6. Hope you get fixed up fast ’cause there’s some really neat stuff on Veoh now. Don’t get me wrong about Revver (spit), though. Revver’s the one whut brung me to the dance and I’ll stick with her to the end. Wouldn’t it be cool if Revver, Veoh and Blip merged to form a true competitor for YouTube? Then YouTube would have to pay us more and everyone would live happily ever after. (More fairy tales available on my blog at

  7. Oh, and Metacafe, Flixya MotionTV and eefoof could merge to give us a true competitor for that pageview business model. That’s what YouTube is going to, right? The pageview adsense type model?

  8. he does have some interesting valid points i guess. I haven’t agreed to the extra broadcast agreement because i think if some 3rd party company really wants to broadcast your stuff they should contact you personally to cut a deal, which has kind of indirectly happened to me on occasion.

  9. Interesting how he pooped on Revver and attributed it to Valleywag. I saw the Valleywag post and it proclaimed death based on two issues we all know: founders changing, late payments. Those, to me, aren’t a sign of death.

    I’m still at the dance with Revver (spit) but I do want to see what Veoh can do.

    Also heard from the Grouper folks today. Marquis? Anything on them?

  10. Those sons a bitches still owe me money ($500.00) on that fake contest they ran to position themselves for a sale. Screw their entire lineage and the swamp moss that spawned them.

  11. First response deleted by WordPress—Those sons a bitches still owe me money ($500.00) on that fake contest they ran to position themselves for a sale. Screw their entire lineage and the swamp moss that spawned them.

  12. The guy whining about Revver? has a big chip on his shoulder about ZeFrank’s lack of mainstream prospects, hence, I suspect, the snark about “..and if you are with Revver, why would I advertise with you?” (I’m paraphrasing)

    Isn’t that what (a certain school of) blogging is all about? Extreme, sometimes contrarian opinions. You only have to be right once in a while to seem awash with foresight.

    Still, what a “platform” like Revver really needs is a content deal with a site that has quality/quantity traffic, to get the best Revver content onto it. The “we’ve built you a platform, now go promote yourself…” model is,at best, parts of a puzzle but not a fully fleshed out picture.

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