Embarassing Myself at the Mall

mall.jpgI pride myself on my modesty. That’s why I don’t mind telling you that my “Mall Pranks” is the #4 top rated comedy video of the day on YouTube (based on individual rankings). In this little video shot last night at the mall, I embarass myself by pretending to have really personal calls while talking really loud. As people pass.

This puppy wasn’t planned. I was just bored while my wife shopped.

P.S. This just in. Here’s the #6 video (YouTube is HighSchool). And #10 video (Drink Windex).

If you get three videos in the top 10 in one day… do you get paid extra by YouTube?

12 Replies to “Embarassing Myself at the Mall”

  1. I absolutely loved this. I showed my friends too, and they loved it. Haha so we went to the shops with a video camera to do embarrassing things… but chickened out.

  2. Nalts

    I shared this with my MySpace gang and next I’m going to post it to VLOGGER.videozine as the YouTube video of the week.

    You are the MAN!

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