Embarassing Myself at the Mall

mall.jpgI pride myself on my modesty. That’s why I don’t mind telling you that my “Mall Pranks” is the #4 top rated comedy video of the day on YouTube (based on individual rankings). In this little video shot last night at the mall, I embarass myself by pretending to have really personal calls while talking really loud. As people pass.

This puppy wasn’t planned. I was just bored while my wife shopped.

P.S. This just in. Here’s the #6 video (YouTube is HighSchool). And #10 video (Drink Windex).

If you get three videos in the top 10 in one day… do you get paid extra by YouTube?

Author: Nalts

Hi. I'm Nalts.

12 thoughts on “Embarassing Myself at the Mall”

  1. I absolutely loved this. I showed my friends too, and they loved it. Haha so we went to the shops with a video camera to do embarrassing things… but chickened out.

  2. Nalts

    I shared this with my MySpace gang and next I’m going to post it to VLOGGER.videozine as the YouTube video of the week.

    You are the MAN!

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