ZeFrank Goes Hollywood. And Gets Stalked by Someone Else.

zefrank.jpgAs regular readers of WillVideoForFood.com know, I’ve made a hobby of trying to annoy ZeFrank (who is to video blogging what Adam Curry was to podcasting). Now he’s gone and crossed over into Hollywood according to the New York Observer. ZeFrank ends his year-long online-video show to go all Hollywood in March.

The story exposes some lesser-known facts about ZeFrank, including his real name (Hosea), his camera (Sony VX2000), and the fact that he makes $900 a week on ads from his site (over and beyond his reported 30-cents a click on Revver ads). No word, however, as to whether it’s ZeFrank himself who registered the ZeFrankFan username on YouTube. And no mention of the fact that he granted Observer Writer Spencer Morgan the interview on the coningency that he is referred to as Mr. Frank in the entire article.

Favorite moments of the article:

  • “It’s one of the strangest things that can happen to you. It’s just so crazy to be getting e-mails at that rate, where every single time you refresh there’s 60, 70 new e-mails from around the world. It was just so weird and exciting.”
  • The other day, Mr. Frank went to see the Ron Mueck exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. On the subway ride from his apartment in Cobble Hill, one of his many devoted fans—25,000 to 30,000 people watch his online show each day—approached him to say whassup. Upon returning home, he opened his inbox only to discover that another fan had been eyeballing him from afar as he took in Mr. Mueck’s sculptures.
  • “It kind of freaks me out. I get a lot of the negative aspects of celebrity, but not much of the positive,” said Mr. Frank

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  1. One of the most interesting aspects of this story is the fact that Ze’s reportedly making the leap from two-minute videoblogs to feature-films (which usually clock in at the 90 minute mark…) Seems like a bizarre left turn for someone who’s been mining the possibilities of low-attention-span medium. Does it make sense? Read my totally insightful posting and fing out (cough, splutter…)


    If only I knew how to do a trackback I’d totally do a trackback….

  2. Agreed – 2 minute scripts vs. 90 minutes is a tough jump – but with a good writing team he can probably do it. I see him more as a creative lead, esp. with his “writing” method of not writing he talks about in the article.

  3. Hahahaha, I just noticed that you’re ZeFrankFan’s only subscriber, on YouTube. Do you really think it’s him, or maybe, just maybe, it’s you!

  4. “Upon returning home, he opened his inbox only to discover that another fan had been eyeballing him from afar as he took in Mr. Mueck’s sculptures.”

    That sentence doesn’t make much sense to me, unless the writer meant to say mail box?

    But, if someone was “eyeballing” me while taking in sculpture by Mueck, all I can say is, have you ever seen any of Mueck’s sculptures?
    Who wouldn’t look?

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