Fizzer: RocketBoom on Crack

Wally ( has assembled an all-star cast for a new show called “Fizzer: RocketBoom on Crack.” He’s slotted spots for a lot of us (MarkDay, MarquisDeJolie and others), and apparently has secured a $1.5 million deal from YouTube. Details of how he splits that are unresolved.

Check out this clever spoof. And be sure to watch the second half (after you enjoy hysterical credits) to hear Wally’s rant about Superbowl Commercials.

Wally (see his YouTube collection), has been a long-time WVFF contributor even in the Revverberation days,  and he also honored me with this tribute.

6 Replies to “Fizzer: RocketBoom on Crack”

  1. oh my… are you sure the videos on this site aren’t an entry in your boring contest… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Speaking of secret human desires, there are 15,082 fart videos on YouTube. Since one of your videos is among them, maybe you could host a “most heartfelt toot” contest. The competition would be fierce, I rectum.

  3. Hey Nalts, you maniac. 1. I go by many names – Dickhead, Loser, Les Miserable, Mandrake, Malkie, Mal – but never “Wally”. “Wally” in Aussie and British slang means “a loser” or “a tosser”. Nothing to do with your Walmart. 2. I’ll split the cake with you, Mark Day, de Jolie, Brian Whatissface in the U.K. and two attractive fems – one Japanese and one Venezuelan. 3. It’s not me doing the SuperBowl Ad rant – found him on CreativeCommons with no attribution. 4. mostly people hate my stuff but fuck ’em – “money talks/bullshit walks”. Working on a new “Fizzer” right now but I need you guiys to contribute. The topic is “Horsemeat – just say neigh” (they eat horsemeat in Europe). You pricks had better pull your fingers out and email me or I’m not giving you access to the executive fridge. This is the latest trailer for Fizzer – Loco and yeah…there’s a train in it. a bientôt, Malkie the Alkie.

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