Barats & Bereta Return With 2nd Coming

barat.JPGBarats & Bereta, the most popular duo in viral video, are back. Here’s their latest video titled “The Other Son.” In this one, Barats (or Bereta) plays the role of God’s second son.

I think it’s one of their finest videos since Mother’s Day because it’s hysterical and managed, I think, to avoid insulting Christianity. Of course I’ll be interested to see what my brother says. He’s a priest in the Vatican and was the first one to send me a Barats & Bereta video!

Just don’t forget. The Viral Video Genius says these guys are fatty oils. Use them sparingly. (What- you thought I’d complete a post without a gratuitous mention of one of my own videos?).

13 Replies to “Barats & Bereta Return With 2nd Coming”

  1. Ah, yes, the true ‘prodigal son’ 😉 Anyway, congrats on finally getting FEATURED! I see you’ve already started getting chain letters, moochers, and a few haters (who obviously haven’t seen your other videos for context). Stay strong … your subscriber base is gonna hit the ROOF. Are you ready?

  2. LOL … you’re like his biggest fan. And I’m forever loyal. I may not comment on every video, but I’m usually dying of laughter. These JohnnyTV-like “vid responses” are makin’ me growl …

  3. It’s funny- the subscriber list has grown. But the views still sit at 84K while the surrounding videos are 200-1,000K. What’s with that?

    Can you guys run a friggin’ Firefox reload trick on it or something?

    My favorite thing about this is I get to see a lot of tricks to drive traffic… video responses that aren’t related or responses. People tagging their videos with my exact terms. I’ve learned a lot in the past 20 hours.

  4. NALTS! I HATE YOU! I just had a huge idea and was just about to start recording pointing out the fact that it’s just your video that has less than 100k views. I also like to play with tags. They seem to bring in the people you aim to target. I know I have the correct subscribers because they all comment and watch my videos. I get about 200 views a video with around 140 subscribers and about half of the video views are then balenced with comments.

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