Portrait of a Viral Video Genius

viralvideo.jpgI was profiled in this important video about viral video. I’m so glad Nalts had an opportunity to share the meaning behind my viral video work.

So often I get the questions:

  • Is viral video be taught or is it an innate skill?
  • What makes you an undiscovered legend?
  • What is the greatest of all your viral video works?
  • What inspires you?

Here I share how my videos are whole wheat for the soul. See it on YouTube. See it on Revver.

18 Replies to “Portrait of a Viral Video Genius”

  1. Kevin, seriously, the best piece of meta-commentary yet. It doesn’t require a Nalts-level obsession with the intricacies of the online video world to “get”, and it’s 90% comedy to 10% “feature me you bastards!” which is probably about right. I can only imagine one man qualified to capture that sense of arrogance for the movie version – John Malcovich. Plus, he’s got the hair for it, if you know what I mean…

  2. Mark, I don’t even know if you’ll check back and read this, but everytime i read something you post, no matter where it’s posted i always read it back with your accent. It’s really bugging me, your the only person I do this with. lol

  3. Pierre. Hopefully you picked up on the two French spoof lines. Piece de provonce. And Je ne fois grois. I doubt many got those.

    I do Mark’s accent too, but it ends up sounding like Shrek.

  4. This is ace, forget your high profile vloggers such as “lonelygirl15 “and “Aska a Ninja”, to me Nalts is where it’s at.

    To me, of late, theres been an internet video sea of calm and now Nalts, through his own efforts, creativity and self PR is creating a massive storm that hopefully will generate the waves that the casual internet surfer will be keen to ride again and again.

  5. What is that little squiggly thing on your head? And is that a mock turtleneck that you are wearing, Mr. Nalts?

  6. Davideo- thanks. That means a lot coming from you since I want to be Davideo when I grow up! 🙂

    Yes, Sally. It was a Georgetown look I was striving for.

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