The Viral Learning Center ads by Ziddio

ziddio.jpgZiddio launched a series of amusing “spoof commercials” promoting the “Viral Learning Center.” Here’s one posted on YouTube. It’s one of 45 on Ziddio’s YouTube channel.

Ziddio is an online and on-demand channel from Comcast that features user-generated content. The content is created mostly through contests that are sponsored by advertisers.

I find the concept really interesting, but many of the videos are painful to watch (I only viewed about a dozen before I was frightened away). Did I not give it enough of a chance?  Please tell me there’s hope in the convergence between television and online video. Find me something funny on Ziddio to prove me wrong.

7 Replies to “The Viral Learning Center ads by Ziddio”

  1. His videos are freaking boring! Good ideas but their just arrrggghhh. I don’t know what tv channels have with trying to get bloggers on TV. I post on the net becuase i want my videos to stay on the net…

  2. You’re not saying that amateur video is becoming self absorbed, incestuous and maturbatory, are you Nalts? What I’ve noticed are all these amateur videomakers trying to immulate what they see on TV. Little mini sitcoms. If I wanted to see bad TV, I’d just turn the box on to one of the network stations. In Taylor, Texas, they have an annual rattlesnake sacking contest to see who can throw ten venomous rattlesnakes into a sack the fastest with their bare hands without dying. What I want to see from viral video is a clip or two of that because you won’t see that on NBC.

  3. Ever get the feeling we’re getting to the end of the online video world (or, more to the point, whatever got even more niche than that…) now? That’s a plain ugly looking site. I can see the “Carson and Brookers check out your clips…” appeal of the clumsily named but do we really need another “all contest” site where video makers bug the crap out of their friends to watch and rate? I’d rather see decent contests on a more established site…

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