Writing About YouTube/Verizon While in Ambien Haze

ambien.gifIt’s conventional knowledge that Ambien causes a mild “black out” period if you don’t go to sleep when you take it. It also makes you gorge carbs. Last night I popped a delicious Ambien and got settled into bed. Just before dozing off to the final episode of Prison Break, I decided to check e-mail. The DailyReel (www.thedailyreel.com) editor IM’d me and asked if I’d provide perspective on Monday’s Verizon/YouTube deal. So I did… here’s the article.

Now what’s fun about this piece is that I got to be a scrutinizer reader of my own work. Seems this morning I had only a vague recollection of what I’d written. Usually I loathe reading my own work, but this was refreshing. I agreed with everything the guy said.

Note to self… write on Ambien. Side effects vary.
I’ll just have to be careful about articles that end with “bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbnnnnnnnnbfdsssssssssssss” (head on keyboard).

Author: Nalts

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4 thoughts on “Writing About YouTube/Verizon While in Ambien Haze”

  1. 3/4ths of a bottle of Jack Daniels has this same effect on me.

    Experienced it many a times =)

    Was it easy to get an Ambien prescription? All I’ve got for that is temazepam, which is pointless. You wake up more tired than you were before you went to sleep

  2. Yep- your primary care doc may be reluctant but then ask for a specialist. Ambien is pretty clean as rx’s go. Never even heard of temazepam.

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