Will We Pay Small Fee (99 cents) to Download Short Videos?

bright.jpgCourtesy of Project Working Stiff, here is an interesting quote from Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire (who sold his Allaire Corp. to Macromedia in 2001 for $360 million). 

"We think that casual broadband consumers will want to consume a lot of content daily in 2-7 minute bursts of high-quality, streamed viewing. But once they develop either a specialized interest in a content or topic, or a deeper loyalty to an entertainment product, they’d be willing to pay a small fee (.99 cents) to download a DVD quality version of the feature-length show, and be able to use it easily on a TV or portable device." 

2 Replies to “Will We Pay Small Fee (99 cents) to Download Short Videos?”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    Actually, he was talking about paying .99 for feature-length videos or movies, not short videos.

    You’ve got a great site.


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