Bidding Farewell to Daisy Whitney’s New Media Minute

Daisy whitney 2

Daisy Whitney, creator and producer of “The New Media Minute” is ending the nearly 5-year-old show. Whitney posted her final episode last week, and says she’s, “just going old school reporting on media in articles and columns instead.”

Whitney will continue her reporting on new media for such outlets as MediaPost, Cynopsis, @Beet_TV.

For as long as Daisy Whitney has been posting videos, we’ve been posting about her transforming hair and outfits. Now what? Whitney tweeted, “But all good things must end, and it’s better to end on a high note as George Costanza taught us.” A lesson I should have considered on YouTube before I jumped the shark.

Daisy whitney

Gentle Promo in Daily Videos

One of the benefits of having a daily vlog channel (see definition below), is you can drop in subtle product placements or promotions for friends — but still do proper sponsored videos on the core channel. See as an example today’s Unclenalts video (a 356-day vlog channel, dubbed “YouTube Orbit.”

I wanted to plug Daisy Whitney’s new book Mockingbirds, but make something marginally entertaining. So we focused on our little party tricks, and Daisy got a book plug in. Rhett and Link did the same thing (they also mentioned Beyond Viral, my book).

Many top YouTubers have secondary channels for daily video blogs (vlogs), mostly for their core audience who want to see more “behind the scenes” and enrich their parasocial relationships. Some (like shaytards) become bigger than the YouTuber’s primary account.

Go buy Daisy’s book here. She clearly has a better shot as a novelist than doing party tricks for children parties (which is my backup plan).

The Uninvisible Man (with Daisy Whitney)

Sometimes you have to bring those industry watchers off the bleachers and into the game. Here we see Daisy Whitney in her amateur-video debut… The Uninvisible Man.

The TVWeek writer and host of New Media Minute was gracious enough to appear in this short video where I turn invisible… well at least I think I was invisible. Also appearing is Paul Kontonis, who heads up the online-video studio, ForYourImagination. We’ve seen Paul before in a few videos, including  on a panel screaming like a girl when I pulled a pratfall. I could watch that scream 1000 times and not fatigue of it.

While we were there we also recorded a pilot of “The Pussy Cat Review Show.” Needless to say, the low-budget show was immediately cancelled after the dailies revealed it’s a complete flop. Stay tuned for some never-before-and-never-seen-again footage.

You’ve Stressed Daisy Whitney Out

Now you’ve done it. You’ve stressed poor Daisy Whitney out with your provocative comments on my recent post.

Look at the poor thing- she’s changed her hair, and the out takes reveal a near panic attack at the end. I’m going to have to invite her to do a YouTube collab with Uncle Nalts to see if I can help her find her happy place.

Daisy Whitney Does Gilligan\'s Island

We can argue whether Daisy is a Marianne or Ginger, but frankly I almost made
her Mrs. Howell after she failed to include me in the “top web video creators” poll.

Any time you want to use this photo, just visit

Why Isn’t Daisy Whitney on TV Yet?

Watch Daisy Whitney (New Media Minute) discuss advertising and content in this “Why You Suck at Photoshop” and ask yourself why Whitney isn’t doing a broadcast television show. Pick only one answer that best answers the question.

  1. She doesn’t aspire to television. That’s what her old married friends do, and they hate their jobs.
  2. There’s not a big enough audience on television that cares about new media (yet).
  3. Traditional media is terrified by her charm and knowledge. They can’t wait until she and “The British or Coming” horse gallop off into the sunset.
  4. She has a face for radio (hint- this is the wrong answer)

Hey, I’m not being a pig here, okay? I like brunettes.