YouTube’s Dr. Ruth… But Less Short, German and Smurf-Like

I was very careful in my headline to NOT describe Kicesie (Kicesie’s Closet) – see her also on SexHealthGuru. Rather I’d just contrast her to Dr. Ruth, the pioneer of sex-talk on radio. Kicesie is now bringing this “no beating around the bush” sex advice to YouTube.

I discovered her just now when I was checking my ranking on YouTube… and noticed I’m on top of her at the moment. But I have a feeling she’ll be on top of me pretty soon. She’ll probably stay on top of me too.

Honestly how can I compete with sex advice from a young blond woman? This is enough to make an old, faithful married man blush. Geez- my mom hosted a PBS show called “How to Talk to Your Children About Sex,” back in the 1980s, but it sure wasn’t this kinda stuff!

To be fair, Kicesie isn’t the actual name of the host. According to the YouTube channel page, “Kicesie is science mixed with interpersonal exchange. As a brand, Kicesie is a video production company, a media relations team, a research group and an advertising venue.”

YouTube\'s Dr. Ruth- Kicesie