SxePhil Return Lottery

Well, one of the most viewed and highest rated YouTube creators, SxePhil, announced 7 hours ago that he’s leaving YouTube. And the the video has already received thousands of comments and jetted right to the top of the “highest rated” videos du jour.
What’s your guess on how long before he’s reengergized and back on? I’m guessing June 17 or sooner. Like maybe when he gets back from Hawaii with ShayCarl and their gals. Saying you’re leaving YouTube is one thing, but staying off is another. Just ask Renetto. He’s quit YouTuber more times than Linsey Lohan has quit drugs. But Renetto, who once a staple of any article about YouTube, has been quiet lately. Few videos, and each garnering far fewer views than he once had.SxePhil is in his prime. A popular show, a strong income, and rabid fan base. So what’s motivating him, assuming it’s not a publicity stunt? Is he joining Renetto’s bandwagon and jumping to RenettoTube? Is he just finding the view from the top less interesting than the climb up? Or maybe he’s frustrated by the lack of InVid ads, which were once the lifeblood of revenue.

The InVideo ads have gone down quietly without near the noise I would have expected. I suppose most creators don’t understand that their May pay period is going to be quite poor since the display ads surrounding videos are not much better than Google Adsense on a blog. InVideo ads were a healthy $20 CPM.

Some very interesting comments here, and it’s clear that SxePhil is a controversial item. Funniest quote from Marquisdejolie: “SxePhil needs to head out to the beach and find his inner silence and bless the rest of us with it.”