NewTeeVee Tackles YouTube

In a YouTube binge, NewTeeVee writer Liz Shannon Miller is rounding up some major online-video news:

Now what else can Liz cover for YouTube week? Hmmmm… how about a YouTuber getting pulled over by the NJ po-po for videotaping a Geek Squad van? And (in a moment of slight embellishment) got a black eye a week later.

Video Artist Marquisdejolie Gets Surgery Today

Our favorite homeless guy (who technically isn’t homeless currently), Marquisdejolie, is having surgery today at a VA clinic. Marquis, also known as James Jarvis, is a regular contributor to WillVideoForFood and a modern-day Andy Warhol. In honor of him, I’m posting one of my all-time favorites of his videos. The 30-day lunch break.