Health & Community: Pictures & Video’s Impact

I’ve seen YouTube’s power as a community, and occasionally it rallies on behalf of an individual or cause related to health. However I’ve yet to see a health community that’s truly powered by images and video (and involves patient-to-patient peer support leveraging webcams and the Internets).

In general, I like when the power of new-technology marketing is put toward a health cause.

Some of the graphics are a bit more compelling than others

Like imagine the video campaigns that can come out of the FDA’s imagery for cigarette packs! Graphic cigarette labels: Will they work? You damned straight they will… at least compared to text. The proof is in other countries.

They challenge, of course, will be to use these negative reinforcements the drive urgency, then positive-reinforcement and behavior change to help people. A scary imagine alone can have moderate effect, but people are generally more eager to change when you tell them how and try to go beyond scaring them into change.


Now on a happier but related note:

PatientsLikeMe is a health site where you can specify your illness(es), see how other people rated various treatments, and (if you wish) engage with other patients. The site jumped on my radar when it launched years ago, and I wrote the founder. It surfaced again when it surprisingly was able to publish findings on co-morbidities (if you have x illness, you may likely have y).

The site held a video contest answering the question “how has PatientsLikeMe helped you,” and here are the winners (see link for embedded videos).

Here are the top winners chosen across three different categories:

Most Creative Presentation:
tiredoftired of New Jersey for Depression Feels Like

Most Inspiring Story:
tired old me of Delaware for Patients Like Me: Bonnie Tipton

Top Voted (by peers):
Roulette67 of New Jersey for I Am Not Alone


Even Cute Puppets Loathe Geek Squad

Thanks, MrHogg. My feelings exactly. My Best Buy strike (driven by my horrible experience with the Geek Squad) took a one-day hiatus when I couldn’t find a power cord for my Mac. It was torture walking through that place, and it gave me greater resolve to continue my strike. I would imagine Best Buy has lost thousands from me since its moron driver called the police on me for videotaping him (and then Best Buy couldn’t muster an acknowledgement of the episode much less an apology).

Robert C. Buckingham is an angry loser who reviews books for a living

YouTube Announces New Toll-Free Support Line: 1-800-Eat-Shit

I’ve long accepted that YouTube doesn’t do technical support, and that technical glitches may exist for extensive periods. It’s virtually a monopoly here, folks. What do you expect?

You expect a messaging system with a terrible user experience, you expect your last video’s thumbnail to override your profile picture. You expect the video to upload when it feels like it… or not upload at all. It really just depends on the mood.

So I find it rather fascinating that Information Week’s Google blog tears YouTube a new asshole in this post. Well maybe I’m being dramatic, but I felt like cursing in the post to support the PG-13 title.

Eric Zeman writes that yesterday’s YouTube blog post can be summarized as “check every other resource possible before attempting to reach out to us.”

Common, Eric. Think about the Discipline of Market Leaders. Google is about product excellence not operational efficiency and customer service. And it’s free. So if the product is cool, it cost nothing, and works the majority of the time… then we gotta “love the one we’re with.”

Or call the North American Live Technical Support (NALTS) hotline. Live video support for frustated YouTube users. Live support 24×7 and free!

Nalts Gets Killed

Fiction and reality can be ironic. Last Thursday night I joined some folks in NYC to shoot the recent “Farting Unites,” but not before meeting in Newark to get killed by PaulScott1972here’s his frightening video threat.

Ignored YouTubeAnd here’s a video called “Ignored: Part 5.” It’s graphic and involves a car being tampered, but be sure to enjoy the outtakes to decompress.

In true irony, during this same time I received real death threats and car tampering that has resulted in an ongoing police investigation. See “more” to read about that too-close-to-home drama.

The fictional series, titled “Ignored,” (see entire playlist) was inspired by the behavior of YouTube viewers who feel dejected because their favorite creators don’t respond to e-mail or messages… K80Blog was fake killed last Halloween. Musosf and GeneticBlend are two of the creative brains behind this disturbing but intriguing storyline.
It’s unfortunately true that as a YouTube creator’s viewer audience increases, it becomes impossible to dignify each person with a response. This makes the “famous” recipient perpetually guilty, and offends people who don’t know what it’s like to receive hundreds of messages a day via YouTube. I remember feeling “ignored” when I was new to YouTube and didn’t get responses from popular YouTubers to whom I wrote
The death video is atypically dark for a Nalts one, so my kids won’t be watching it and neither should yours. But I have been known to fake my own death before (see GooTube Conspiracy). I’ve even had a firework smash through my eyes thanks to the special effects of Davideo Designs. Continue reading “Nalts Gets Killed”

AngelCheeks Foundation Auction

suzibluepeace.jpgThe AngelCheeks Foundation was created by Brian Nessel, an active YouTuber. He and his wife Abby lost their son Evan one year ago. Brian assembled a wonderful educational video to launch the program, which helps parents cover costs of funerals and counseling when they face the tragic loss of a young child. This is a great example of the YouTube community’s strength, and the power of video to generate interest in a charity.

sandfrog.jpgHere’s a resulting video about an auction MuggleSam is holding to raise funds for AngelCheeks. A few of my kids’ drawings are in the mix. The portraits are on eBay, but they’re bundled together. So if you really want my lame cartoon, you’ll unfortunately have to buy ZackScott‘s horny toad (kidding).

It may be worth bidding, just for this lovely drawing of a princess by suziblutube. And it’s certainly a noteworthy cause, driven by the unwavering human desire to turn loss into love.