The President’s Speech (TelePrompTer Video Satire of King’s Speech)

The White House Correspondents’ Association dinner is a historic break from the tension between the White House and the media covering it. This year President Barack Obama joked about a sequel to the film the King’s Speech. Here’s the video that was shared, and it’s a clever self-deprecating parody of the film, and shows rare out takes of the president’s recorded addresses.

When I worked at Georgetown, President Clinton (an alumnus) sent some video footage to us for an event, and there were a number of outtakes they included. I wonder what I might have done with those had YouTube existed in the early 1990s.

Tired of Waiting for Permission to Make My Art (Felicia Day)

I always get a bit upset when people don’t recognize the name Felicia Day or The Guild. Almost like the face I get when I say, “are the Phillies going to make it to the Superbowl?”

If there was a little Felicia Day doll I’d buy it for my daughter (then steal it). She’s so cute, neurotic, nerdy, sincere, curious, passionate. And ever time I see her on television (more and more often), it’s like I’m watching my sister or a neighbor. Did you see her in Dr. Horrible? What about Fox’s Lie to Me? Dang- her nervous chemistry with Brendan Hines while a guy might blow up the White House?

If Ashton Kutcher is the Florence Lawrence of online video, then Felicia Day is Katharine Hepburn or Judy Garland.

And if I wasn’t already a fan, check out the “best acceptance speech ever” (Tim Street says) from her Streamies award.

Did you know Kim Evey (who produces the Guild) is the spouse of Greg Benson of Mediocrefilms? Greg directed some early episodes, and they shot some of it in their home. Sometimes when I’m talking to Greg I ask him to scream “I love the Guild” to Kim. And Kim screams back, “I love Norts or whatever his name is.”

So I’m only 3-degrees of separation from Felicia. And I will meet her some day, and have nothing to say. Just stare like a weirdo.