Must-See Geek TV: Scobleizer & 23 Startups

Combine tech startups, Scoble (the Paul Revere of tech revolution), and a video camera. What do you get? Nearly two dozen videos of various tech startups.

  • Stop Eating Shit, and check out Fooducate. Inspired by the discovery of glow-in-the-dark yogurt containing┬ácarcinogen.
  • Send your pictures quickly to multiple social-media platforms via Photogram, an alternative to Instagram (more a sharing of art). The Tubemogul of photography?
  • Abukai helps you organize receipts when you travel.

And Scoble is the Social Media Messiah and has less than 6K subscribers. Can we help, people?


One of Top 25 Most Innovative Digital Publishers

Congratulations, dear reader. We’ve made the cut. We’re one of the top 25 most digital publishers (David Garland “Rise to the Top”). Scoble made it too, so we have some good company.

I use “we” in a collective sense, since I probably wouldn’t be in my 5th or 6th year of publishing without you. Yeah I’m pretty sure without your intellectual comments I’d grow weary. And I’m certain that if I didn’t see some of the mindless and humorous ones I’d have long since regressed to a newsletter only my mama reads.

Have a glass of champagne, or celebrate in whatever way you see fit. Heck, while you’re here… how will you celebrate your victory?

You and I made the cut, baby. Barely, but we made it.