Play Cards With the Richest Deck: Financial Terrorists

Surely you remember the deck of “most wanted terrorist playing cards.” Now our very own Jan has come up with The Financial Terrorist card deck. Who wouldn’t want a deck of these on their table? Talk about a conversation starter… that might ultimately end up with a finished box of red wine, some cursing and tears of joy that our faces aren’t on the deck. 🙂

Parenthetically, Jan is looking for a partner to print and distribute this brilliant concept. Contact her via the blog…

Who's Your Favorite Financial Terrorist? Go Fish.

Best Sarah Palin Parodies, Spoofs and Satires

spoofs of sarah palinI’ll admit. As much as I laughed at LisaNova’s recent parody of Sarah Palin (Republican John McCain’s vice-president running mate), I also beat myself up. My own Sarah Palin spoof was done in haste as we rushed to visit the inlaws for Labor Day. So that gave me time for just one take, and sloppy editing. And I was so focused on getting the Tootsie/Dustin Hoffman part right, I let myself slip into a Southern accent instead of the Minnesota accent I was trying for.

But I felt better in seeing that I was among 10 videos and online parodies identified by Telegraph (a UK paper) in this article.

If I cared more, I would have marketed my video to a few pro-Obama blogs and discussion groups, but it seems as if they’re already starting to find it on their own (see Democratic Underground).