How Much Money Do They Make on YouTube: Exposed

Renetto: The roundest face since Karl Pilkington

Renetto. Paul Robinette. Remember him? He makes about $55 a day from YouTube, and I once stalked him and shaved my head to assume his persona. He’s one of the guys behind one of the most interesting video website stats and mobile applications you’re bound to love and forget. It’s called MyU2B. See– I had to look at the website just to get that stupid name right.

The good news? If you’re an OCD creator or media buyer, than this is (and you can quote the guy who wrote the book on YouTube) “the crack cocaine of video statistics.” The bad news? The name is so damned forgettable I want to punch Paul Robinett in his branding boob. Half the reason I’m writing this post is so I can find his website searching the many alternative names my brain has given MyU2B: u2be, myu2be, ub40, u2b4, my2be u2be u2bme, and finally “renetto, youtube, stats, website, with, stupid, name.”

MyU2B iPhone App kicks the ass of YouTube's default mobile viewer.

MyU2B is my indispensable iPhone YouTube viewing app because it’s incredibly easy to sort by my favorite creator’s (people, channels, accounts, profiles) most recent videos. This is a common but impossible task via the caveman-like primitive search functions on YouTube’s own mobile app, and I call that a “deal breaker” or “functional obsolescence” for any regular viewer. MyU2B tells me exactly how many videos my favorite person or channel has posted since I last checked them. It solved a problem most don’t yet know we have.

The app (free and $1.99) also allows me to “super subscribe” to select people (although I haven’t figured out how to delete people like the incorrect jaaaaaa). There are about 2-3 dozen people I don’t want to ever miss, and for that I prefer this app to using YouTube on a computer. On YouTube I’ve “oversubscribed” like many people, so I miss some fresh videos by my favorite peeps. It really sucks to not be current on some of my favorite creators or friends.

The MyU2B stats site, although new and somewhat buggy, is entirely different (yet shares the horrible name). It gives you some pretty decent estimates of how much money each channel/person makes on could make (per comments below) on YouTube, and even sorts estimated revenue by individual video. That’s badass, even if it’s assuming CPMs (revenue per view) that are impossibly inconsistent and volatile. It’s a cool tool just to track who’s getting views and comments… instead of the somewhat archaic method of tracking subscribers… like on VidStatsx. Vidstatsx is an equally crappy named but remarkably useful website, though the latter is a bit too focused on subscriptions (which is not nearly driver of daily views it once was). And tip from Zipster08, who I never miss (despite the mocked screen shot): allow MyU2B to load completely before searching for someone. (Zipster checks hourly). MyU2B doesn’t yet allow you to bookmark or link to a specific search string, but it does index more than 11,000 individual channels.

See below for an example… are they the potential estimates accurate? I don’t know. YouTube doesn’t give me reporting this precise, but I know for a fact that CPMs by individual videos for the same creator can vary from pennies to dollars — by individual video.

Since we YouTube Partners are all contractually obliged to conceal our revenue, it’s hard to know if it’s over or understating revenue/earnings. But feel free to comment (anonymously) if you want to share feedback on its precision! I’m glad it’s not accurate, because I don’t want people thinking about the money I earn from YouTube (it’s equally embarrassing whether it’s high, low or accurate).

MyU2Be (or whatever it's called) can easily track estimated earnings by creator and by video

Finally, let’s help these useful resources with their branding. Anything, including the word “pizzle,” would be better.

Special WVFF Forum for Cheese Videos!

It was too hard to surf the comment threads of old WVFF posts regarding such an important topic as the Cheese Videos, so we at have created a special forum thread.

Visit the Official Will Video For Food Cheese Forum Thread now, and vote on the creator(s) who most assaulted the dignity of cheese.

If you haven’t posted a cheese video yet, it’s never too late. Just be sure to tag it with the following words:

naked cheese video american zardoz short film airplane pizzle sore feltch

Also, it’s important to add the word “VIDEO” to your title. That way it will rank high when people search Google for “CHEESE VIDEO(s).”

Hey- thanks to the Revver Editors for featuring Naked Cheese! I respect your taste.

Revver recognizes brilliance of Naked Cheese by Nalts

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Cheese Campaign: the Power of Online-Video Community

Cheese videosPeople who haven’t yet understood the power of online video are amazed at how the video community has pulled together in the recent movement to honor cheese. Individuals from all over the globe have taken time away from other important endeavors to make a video about cheese, or involving cheese.

Many online-video causes have helped raise funds, educate people on political issues, or raise awareness of and humanitarian issues. Hug day. End to racism. Love a homosexual. Feed the poor. Don’t eat meat. Heck, Dylan’s Couch is proposing Volunteer Day on August 2.

But this cheese movement isn’t about helping people or improving lives. It’s a selfless act, and we know cheese can’t nor shouldn’t repay the favor. Sometimes life isn’t about doing something for someone else for hopes of recognition or to help humanity. Sometimes life is about helping cheese.

To see the cheese playlist on YouTube, click here. To download this cheese illustration as a PSD to make a coffee mug or t-shirt, click here.



Best Cheese Videos

You can touch the grey arrows to the right and left to advance to the next video if you have ADHD. The arrows vanish when you start watching a video, but they’re still there just like God when times are rough. You just can’t see them. Click on the right or left side of the video that’s playing- not the orange frame. Inside the image. Got it? Good.

This is the cheese playlist. Let me know if I missed your video. Below are the blog sites I’ve contacted so far about these important videos. Please spread the word. We must count on each other in solidarity.

Everyone should contact at least 3-4 blogs, and list them below. It’s okay to contact the same one twice. That will help them appreciate the urgency of our message. You can feel free to write your own message or try this: “Hi, (insert cheese blogger’s name here)! Look what we have for your very good blog! These are the best cheese videos on YouTube- all in once place. They are so very sure to please and so I send them to you.”

Feel free to leave (insert cheese blogger’s name here) in lieu of their name. It certainly would catch my attention. With luck, we’ll have a dozen cheese blogs link to this playlist, and then we’re off to the races.