Hurricane Irene: Best and Worst of Live Online Coverage (and Puerto Rico Street Shark)

Forget FEMA and television newscasters. How’d the web do for live coverage of Irene? Surely I’m not the only guy bored by our local coverage, as Yahoo Buzz puts “Hurricane Irene” as the third-most searched term on Yahoo (after the words Facebook and YouTube).

So how are we doing? Well the online-video coverage is varying about as much as the weather in the U.S. right now… from amateur (consumer generated) weather footage and news reports to the coverage of the Puerto Rico street shark, let’s have a look…

A shark on the streets of Puerto Rico during Hurricane Irene






What’s Next? Upload Storyboard, and Download Free Video?

Some Chinese students developed PhotoSketch, which turns a doodle into a composite photo (via Creativity Online).

Want a bear standing on a house with a child? Just sketch them out, and the program takes care of the rest.

Here’s the video about the site, which appears so popular it’s not available…

First Ever Photo of Four Kids Smiling

Nalts kids photo

Today I publish my first-ever un-photoshoped photo of all four of my children smiling. In a written statement, Kevin Nalts said:

“This photo has not yet been retouched, and it would appear that all four are smiling and not fighting.”

Wifeofnalts was unavailable for comment. This photo was taken before Sunday’s First Communion of Patrick, and all four kids were later spotted in t-shirts covered with mud and ticks (but not lice).

nalts kids katie patrick grant charlie

Katie (age 10), Charlie (age 5), Grant (age 6), and Patrick (age 8)*


*these ages have not been verified by my wife, and are subject to change.