YouTube’s Funniest Guy: ShayCarl

You know, he may be one of the most over-exposed YouTubers of the summer. But he’s absolutely one of my favorite YouTube personalities. Having met him, I can tell you he’s really centered and a wholesome family man. So that makes videos like this Moto Man (in which he spins his motorcycle around his house for no apparent reason) even more special. And his wife plays a perfect dead-pan straight man. Or woman.

How can a video like this not have millions of views? And what about “Chubby Kid Falls from Roof“? As Sxephil joked to me in LA, “when I saw Roof Ninja, I saw money.” Hence their collaboration on a new SxePhil/Shaycarl channel called, “BamBamKaBoosh.”

And who could forget ShayCarl’s wonderful homage to Nalts and his addiction to YouTube?

Soundboard Prank: Dr. Phil Speaks to Survey Telemarketer

Heard of sound boards? Here’s one for Dr. Phil, where you can press various buttons to get some of his best soundbites. A new sport for the yougun’s today is the sound-board prank. Here’s a wonderful example that had me in stitches. It works so well because of the strong ego embedded in Dr. Phil’s tone that is such a stark contrast from what we might expect in a self-help guru.

Now enjoy the Spricket24 prank call, which was done by an amateur with a lot of patience. It’s fun to hear people baffled by an audio recording of a video that mentions you.