Double Dream “Paws” Cat

Remember Mark Day? Showing he still cares, he’s jumped on the Double Dream Hands wave with a cat. It’s a rather perfect formula, and an irresistibly inviting thumbnail even before I knew it was Mark’s cat. Cats sell, kids. Forget what your marketing teachers ever told you about cows.

To recap the “Double Dream Hands” saga:

P.S. I’ll bet you a solid hunk of feta cheese that if you click this link you’ll have this Tigger song stuck on your head for the day.

Auto-Tune The News (Favorite Video of the Year)

This absolutely is my favorite video of 2009. I’ve watched it at least 25 times, and my family is going crazy. Meet “Auto-Tune the News,” and this recent clip: “Murdered with a Spoon.” (Lot of details about the creators below).

Isn’t it just so perfectly imperfect!? Do you walk away singing the intro melody over and over? Do you just savor the 7 seconds of ambiance before the beat? The singing is practically perfect (that’s the Gregory Brothers, who can be found on YouTube’s Schmoyoho‘s channel or via Barely Political). The Bronx-based gang uses autotune to create singing news anchors, and then lays down beautiful beats and vocals to accompany them. Visit their websites and you’ll find a cool and fresh sound that’s not what you’d expect from the voices behind the clips.

The clips are quirky and repetitive, and the musicians are plopped into the news clip with a wonderfully amateur use of green screen. I hope they NEVER lose that touch: the glowing green hues, the chopped graphics, the deliciously low-budget glory. But don’t assume production was rushed. Little treats are hidden for faithful viewers… the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, the recurring “shawty” references, the weathered monkey suit (passed from the Gregory brothers grandfather), funny titles, and Katie Couric’s regular cameos. Best of all, the hands that appear awkwardly in front of the victims… featuring cowbells. Honestly- I want to bear hug the brain that conceived this.

Hats off to the Gregory Brothers and the soulful Sarah Fullen Gregory. The crew has amazing and diverse musical talents, and the commentary on current events is playful and quirky. We see the odd media circus parodied without an apparent left or right-wing agenda or even mild sarcasm. Absurdity is celebrated not criticized.

Thanks to Barely Political, NextNewNetwork and Ben Relles for helping me find these cats. Please don’t teach these guys how to use Green Screen any better, because the rough edges make it quirkier and accessible. Five big-ass stars, and I’m crossing my fingers for a Balloon-Boy melody. And I’m counting down the seconds for when this channel jolts past me and others on YouTube!

Sarah Palin to Provide “Cringer” Quotes during Vice President Debate. Video Parodies Begin to Stew.

sarah palin paper maskWell it’s time to ready the cameras for the inevitable parade of Sarah Palin parodies based on tonight’s Vice President Debate! We’re having friends over, and I’ve already purchased 16 Sarah-Palin paper masks (and only 8 Biden ones, as I don’t expect them to be as popular).

What’s going to be the great Sarah Palin quote tonight? The one that echoes through YouTube, like these classics (courtesy of Toronto Star, it’s the “Best of Palin on YouTube.” A free piece of cheese to the first comment below that documents the first “cringer” from tonight’s debate. So while you’re watching, be sure to hit this post and transcribe the most moronic statement you hear. And a verbatim transcript of her entire portion will not qualify even if everything’s a “cringer.”

Thanks to Keith (below) for this lovely site… it generates Palin quotes!

Best YouTube Song Parodies

I just discovered this OneProduktionFilms playlist of YouTube song parodies (ones created mostly by YouTubers — not repurposed television song parodies).

Below are videos of my two favorites Jon Lajoie (who I want to be when I grow up) in “High as F*ck.” And the classic “YouTube is My Life” by Church of Blow.

Like my favorite film comedians — Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Chevy Chase — these guys have that combination of wit and low self esteem that goes together like chocolate and peanut butter.

But I suppose my favorite actor/comedian would be the appearingly more stable Charles Grodin. He can say more with a blank stare than most can in a monologue.

Speaking of Grodin, Hughsnews asked his viewers to tell us what movie star would play certain YouTubers in a film, and someone said Grodin. I felt good about myself for about 10 solid minutes.

Tom Hanks FatOther suggestions for Nalts included:

  1. A burrito
  2. Nathan Lane
  3. Jim Carrey on weak sleeping pills
  4. Larry Linville (Frank Burns)
  5. Charles Nelson Reilly (Match Came guy)
  6. Neil Flynn
  7. Billy Crystal
  8. Mike O’Malley
  9. Tom Hanks (no I didn’t post that through a sock account- maybe that guy was thinking about the beginning part of Cast Away).

Cell Phone Parody Videos: iPhone, oPhone, Blackberry and Android

It’s July 3, which is annual “bitch about your stupid cell phone day.” Don’t verify that on Wikipedia yet.

So let’s step back, but not rate or compare the Microsoft oPhone, iPhone, Android and Blackberry for a moment. But let’s not debate Mac versus Microsoft versus Google versus Blackberry. It just divides humanity, and that’s what politics are for.

So instead let’s debate not the cell phones but the quality of the video parodies they spawn. Given that I did three of these four, I’ll offer up some unbiased thoughts: And before you bitch about me using this post as “self promotion” read my damned tagline above. It’s my mission in life.

The Microsoft Mobile oPhone video (not mine) was Filet Mignon in a blender. Although it was a bit drawn out, there were a few great gags (the circular message text and the notion of programming for a circle). Nathan Weinberg, who runs the InsideMicrosoft and InsideGoogle blogs, is behind it (see him on YouTube).


The iPhone was, as all Nalts videos, was too long. But for a guy with no budget and in a hurry to get to work, that Nalts gets a B plus.


The Android video was a collaboration with Slater. I thought it would viralinate more, but in hindsight I think it was a bit too “inside Madison Avenue.” It didn’t help that my good camera was in repair so my part looked and sounded like ass. Slater and his wife cracked me up, though.


Finally there’s Blackberry/Crackberry. In retrospect I think most of these gags were too obvious. But it did garner a lot of media attention (a bunch of national networks ripped it… maybe I’ll have a judge audit that) because I released it just before a study confirmed that Blackberry’s are evil.

You know as I look back at Crackberry Blackberry, it got a lot more media attention that views. Counter that with this crappy video I posted last week (“Scary Maze“) which has been viewed 180K times — while Crackberry (now 2 years old) has only about 100K views.

Hey! Nalts is just like a cell-phone provider. Providing crappier quality but getting more business!