Viral Video Villain Got $1 Million as 750 Industries

Michael Ackerman Greenberg Viral Video CompanyThe Viral Video Villain ( just got a $1 million investment. Dan Ackerman Greenberg, who caused quite a stir with his “Secret Strategies Behind Viral Videos,” is now 750 Industries. Or as TechCrunch put it, “The Viral Video Guy Gets $1 Million.”

Greenberg explained 750 Industries to TechCrunch’s Michael Arington as, “a startup providing viral media distribution solutions that gives content owners and advertisers quick and effective access to millions of consumers.” And they say the company is already “very profitable.”

Then, with David Blaine agility, Greenberg took Arington’s watch off and pocked it. But not before hypnotizing him to write another promotional post for him. But if you don’t believe he’s profitable than click this thumbnail for a hot naked woman.

While I may not agree with Greenberg’s boasting of manipulative approaches to get video views, you have to give him three props:

  1. Greenberg has a killer logo. It’s modern, but very James Bond. It makes me want a martini.
  2. He snagged a million dollars. My guess is he’s already half way to Mexico with that money. And investor Ron Conway (Maples Investments and Baseline Ventures) is going to soon find some moldy boxes packed with counterfitted bail bonds in the empty office that was formerly Yelp’s. But he did it.
  3. He’s a pioneer in a burgeoning industry that could be likened to the early days of search-engine optimization. Just like firms approach Google placement with paid ads and organic strategies to rank high, companies will promote videos with a “paid” and “earned” approach. Eventually the market will transform from black hat to white hat tactics (or dare I say “from Wicked Witch to Glenda‘), and will be as reputable as the industry that focus on organic website optimization.

The original search-engine marketing (SEM) firms would promise top placements and use link farms and mirror sites to trick Google. But now many of them work ethically and responsibly to ensure that websites are built so Google search spiders can index the site appropriately, and that titles, metatags, copy and image tags are carefully chosen for relevance. The companies that try to trick Google and web searchers (like illegitimate online pharmacies and porn sites) are eventually pushed down on rankings or eliminated from Google’s results.

That’s where online video is going. Google’s technology and the wisdom of crowds will eventually render tricks (like fake headlines and autobots commenting) ineffective. And that’s when it gets interesting.

But want to know a little secret? The first companies to figure this out for clients won’t be the advertising agencies, and probably won’t even be digital agencies. It will be nimble firms that have an understanding of online video, technology and marketing. So while 750’s exit strategy may be selling to a digital agency, Greenberg does have a first-mover advantage.

Reality TV Isn’t Reality. THIS is Reality. A Drunk Naked Narcissist.

This is perhaps one of the most memorable moments of online video I’ve seen, and it’s from regular WillVideoForFood reader/commenter James Jarvis (Marquisdejolie). The former homeless man lives in Marshall, Texas and has posted 852 videos to date (and for reasons I can’t understand, has fewer subscribers than videos).

Before you comment on “Drunk Naked Narcissist,” please recognize that he may well read your observations. And this is tragedy not comedy (of course comedy is tragedy plus time). Marquis was the first person with whom I interacted in online video (via Revver), and the first person that appeared in a dream. He was disk jockeying a party not chasing me with a pitch fork.

I find it remarkable that James permits us into to observe a fight between he and his alcoholic mother — who appears tortured by her past and resentful of her son for not providing more support. We join him from a safe perch behind the camera. But he occasionally leaves us alone as he defends his behavior and challenges his mother’s views of him and his siblings.

It’s more shocking than anything I’ve seen on Jerry Springfield, but curiously artistic. Marquis explains in his video description, “Mom and I performing a scene from my play entitled “A Simple Life.” While it’s clear that his mother isn’t acting (unless she’s Julliard trained), it’s unclear how many of Marquis’ “lines” are provocations of his subject… or a visceral response by a son being blamed for his mother’s sad state.

One thing’s for sure. This is reality. Unscripted, unedited and raw. Marquis sometimes goes live on Stickam and the arguments continue. I submit that if he and mom did regular live Blogtv shows he’d make enough money cover’s mom’s missing bonds. If nothing else, they’d remind us that no matter how strange our lives get we’re not alone.

Best Cheese Videos

You can touch the grey arrows to the right and left to advance to the next video if you have ADHD. The arrows vanish when you start watching a video, but they’re still there just like God when times are rough. You just can’t see them. Click on the right or left side of the video that’s playing- not the orange frame. Inside the image. Got it? Good.

This is the cheese playlist. Let me know if I missed your video. Below are the blog sites I’ve contacted so far about these important videos. Please spread the word. We must count on each other in solidarity.

Everyone should contact at least 3-4 blogs, and list them below. It’s okay to contact the same one twice. That will help them appreciate the urgency of our message. You can feel free to write your own message or try this: “Hi, (insert cheese blogger’s name here)! Look what we have for your very good blog! These are the best cheese videos on YouTube- all in once place. They are so very sure to please and so I send them to you.”

Feel free to leave (insert cheese blogger’s name here) in lieu of their name. It certainly would catch my attention. With luck, we’ll have a dozen cheese blogs link to this playlist, and then we’re off to the races.


Naked Cheese (updated!)

Naked cheese video. See explanation below. This explanation will be deleted in 24 hours.

A PROFOUND apology to WillVideoForFood readers. The idea of a pure cheese video was spawned from this post about 3 rules of viral video. I got a “dare you to make a video about cheese” note from a regular WVFF contributor who wasn’t aware of the full thread (see it here)… which called for a coordinated cheese-only video campaign.

I was tickled by the simple challenge of posting a vide simply showing a piece of cheese being opened. But if there’s one thing funnier than a random video about cheese… it’s a bunch of them.

So although I’ve inadvertently jumped the gun on the campaign, we must continue this cause. It’s our duty. I could easily take this video down if people need more time. But it will only take a minute for you to upload your cheese video, and 99% of people won’t know about the time lag.

PLEASE? And post it below. This text will be deleted shortly.

Men Are Pigs. Pigs Watch Videos.

men like naked videos more than women- newsflashI just spent some time surfing the YouTube “insights” data to see what videos attracted men versus women. Oddly the “First Pregnant Man” was a precise split (50/50). Not surprisingly, more men preferred “Dying Roach.”

But the biggest chasm in gender viewing was “Best of Naked Vlogging.” That fairly popular video (which is the first in weeks that actually has an InVideo ad) was ridiculously skewed. 86 percent of the ~100K viewers have penises while only 14 percent have vaginas.

I totally rigged this post to be jam-packed with perv terms, so you are probably looking for this hot sexy women video. Now piss off, find a nice woman and settle down. You’ll never find joy, love and peace by taking direction from your second brain.

And the rest of you? Don’t be calling me a SxePhil manipulator because you secretly want to link to this page to take advantage of the traffic you’ll get back (and you know you want it, ohhhh yes).

The woman below is StylistBrighton and I met her in London. I’d tell you she’s “thumbnail hot” but I’m happily married, thank you very much.

naked vlogging video youtube

Want to Be Seen and Paid on YouTube? Your Relatives Matter…

naked vlogger view source

As many as 25% of the views of a video may come from people finishing a related video. This chart shows the percentage of views that come from various sources to my “The Best of Naked Vlogs.” This is not a representative example, but look at the percent of traffic that comes from “related video” (more than 50 percent). That means someone watched another nude vlogger and then saw mine show up as “related video” and stopped by. Or it means they saw one of the other nude vlogger videos that was posted as a response to mine (or vice versa).

So what’s this mean? Please don’t jam your tags with the same words of popular videos, because that used to game the system but frustrates people. YouTube/Google also has means for penalizing this trick if overused. But do try to make videos about things that are of high interest or topical, and you’ll get some help from relatives…

In other news — as you might have read — YouTube announced that it has paid out $1 million in cash to video creators that are part of its Partners program. Excerpt from NewTeeVee article

YouTube said today it has paid out more than $1 million to its user partners through its partner program. The figure came as part of an announcement that YouTube is expanding the program to users in Japan, Australia and Ireland. YouTube doesn’t disclose how it splits its revenue, but we’ll make do with what scraps of numbers we have. The site currently lists 100 partners, though that also includes entities that we’d think would be designated as professional partners rather than “user partners,” such as Universal Music Group and CBS.